“Hello world!” Most succinct way to put it!

I thought about changing the title for my first post… but “hello world” just seemed so apt!

Welcome to Peachy Palate! I’ve been pondering the idea of setting up my own healthy living food blog for the past few months since discovering PB Fingers, which believe it or not was the first food/healthy living blog I’d ever been introduced to.

I decided to take the leap a couple of weeks ago, first setting up a wordpress.com blog, buying the domain peachypalate.com, discovering the limitations and deciding to self host and moving to wordpress.org before I got in too deep…so it’s all been pretty swift to say the least!

The name “Peachy Palate” came about after a few hours brainstorming with my mum, trying to create a name which epitomised me, what the blog is broadly about, included one of my favourite foods and also sounded good (to my ears at least!).

Peachy Palate is a place for me to share my mostly healthified versions of simple, vegan/vegetarian/wheat and dairy free meals and the active, sometimes hectic and stressful life which surrounds them.

I don’t profess to be an amazing cook or a sensational baker, but I do love to experiment in the kitchen. I don’t particularly like “recipes” as the term to me connotates effort, time and a hell of a lot of ingredients (a very broad judgment to make perhaps?)

My “recipes” will be brief instructions, with minimal ingredients, and are as healthified as humanly possible!

Find out more about me, my fav foods, eateries and even the my love of food TV!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Goodluck!!! I too love Julie’s blog, PBF’s. Looking forward to reading more and getting some healthy recipes.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! Thanks to Julie I’m now using Windows Live Writer so I’ll have the recipes up quick and fast! Three today! 🙂 Wheat free blueberry pancakes, tropical quinoa salad and orange, basil and soy tofu!