Celebration breakfast – Chocolate and raspberry oat cake for one!

I had my first traumatic blog experience last night…early on I know!

I decided to dabble in some code changing within the theme editor which turned out not to be a great idea and I managed to cause an error which turned my site from this…

To completely white empty space…. The panic immediately set in as you can imagine. I’ve spent every spare hour, second and minute available to me over the past week trying to get the blog looking and feeling less like an empty shell. Needless to say I didn’t get any an awful lot of sleep last night!

The theme files have now been restored thanks to a very welcome helping hand from my web host. Lesson learned, I will never touch code again! 🙂 Phew!

Jumping for joy and full of adrenalin fueled energy I did a  Womens Health No Gear at Home Workout and then I leaped out in to the sunshine for a brisk 40 minute power walk. My tummy was then rumbling and ready for it’s first dose of food so I started with an habitual favourite.

Mixed fresh fruit (a peach, kiwi, a large mandarin orange, a plum, some of my very own handpicked blackberries, topped off with a few tablespoons of Alpro Soya Plain Yoghurt) and super large mug of hot water and lemon with a touch of Splenda for a bit of sweetness.

I knew I’d be hungry again within a couple of hours (I prefer eating smaller meals often) and fancied a chocolatey treat to celebrate the fact that my blog was alive and well! Baked chocolate oats with raspberries for one hit the spot! A chocolate breakfast inspired by the posts of Chocolate Covered Katie!  Get the chocolate baked oats with raspeberries for one recipe here.

Delicious, warm and gooey!

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