Fun Facts Friday

It’s been a busy week yet a bit slow, the weekend has finally arrived…well not quite but almost!

Rather than share a recipe I’m going with Chelsey and sharing my fun facts this Friday – whether or not they’re fun I guess is for you to decide!

This weekend is going to be an expensive one. It’s all about the Christmas shopping. I want to make a proper dent in my list. My mum has somehow managed to get it nearly all done online this year and I’m super jealous!


They won’t be quite wrapped that’s usually a Christmas Eve job!

I’d enjoy Christmas shopping much more if the shops weren’t so busy. The plan is to get over to the shops early in the morning, list in hand, with a pit stop to the camera shop on the way home.

Online or in store, this weekend is the weekend I will finally purchase my DSLR camera. As I type this I still haven’t decided whether I’m opting for the Canon EOS 1100D…


or the Nikon D3100…


The latter is slight more expensive but the former I’m having difficulty tracking down the IS Lens II as opposed to the DS Lens III… that image stabilization would come in handy. I don’t have the steadiest hand at the best of times!

This week has been a bad week for my nails. I’ve lost most of them to the kitchen. The constant chopping, dicing, peeling and subsequent washing coupled with the cold temperatures has weakened them and they now look like they did when I was about 12 and nibbling on them at every given opportunity; they’re not pretty! I’m hoping painting them will make them look a little less disgraceful… I decided not to share a picture but you can imagine!


I simply cannot wait to put up Christmas decorations! Unfortunately I have to as it’s not exactly customary in our house to put them until at least a couple of weeks before Christmas…7 more days and counting until the lights go up!

With all this talk of pumpkin pie circulating over the past couple of weeks I’ve decided to make a vegan pumpkin pie for Christmas dessert this year. A trial run is on the cards for next weekend now that I’ve stocked up on pumpkin; thanks to Fallon and Byrne.


I’m a quandary about what I want to make for Christmas dinner…I know it’s a few weeks away but I like to be organised! Sides I’m swaying towards are the almost obligatory Brussel with a twist and a potential fruit and nut packed rice pilaf. The main feature is possibly going to be a butternut squash casserole…I’m going to test out a recipe idea this weekend.


Picture direct from Angela’s blog and delicious rice pilaf recipe.

Anyone any nice ideas for a vegan or vegetarian Christmas dinner please feel free to share! I want some semi traditional in terms of the ingredients but I’ve no prerequisites in terms of the form it takes!


On a final note I’ve officially decided I’m DEFINITELY running the women’s mini marathon this year come hell or high water. I say “I might” do it every year but now that I ‘m running every evening I challenge is much less daunting.

We haven’t even had Christmas and my mind is on next summer! Smile

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