Thank you!

Over the last few days the blog has acquired a number new followers, 33 to be exact, which although it might be sniffed at by some of those with hundreds and thousands of followers, I have been a little overwhelmed and feeling extremely gratified. The kind words of others and appreciation of the recipes and random babblings I share is so appeasing.


It was my first week back at work after the holidays and I’ve been easing myself back in to juggling the blog, work, living, eating, drinking and running…needless to say I’m feeling the strain of it a little but I’m so madly in love with food, writing, reading, cooking, eating…I somehow manage to squeeze it all in (note the lack of sleeping in the ream of verbs).

I swore I wouldn’t fall in to the trap of making New Year’s resolutions but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week. It’s just naturally that time of year, new beginnings, a fresh start and a chance to reflect on what you’re doing well and what you could do better.

So I’ve decided to make a little few..

  1. Blogging  – With regards to the blog I’m going to stick with 2 posts most days as fitting in the time write 3 is getting beyond difficult let alone include any sort of photo and actually get around to posting and sharing with my fellow tweeters.
  2. Content – rather than focusing solely on recipes, which I’ve kind of fallen in to, I’m going to begin sharing more about nutrition, health and fitness; anything I know, do or happen to stumble upon.
  3. Sleeping – I currently get about 6 – 6 1/2 hours of sleep a night, weeknights and at the weekends. As I can’t make changes to the time I rise (5.30am during the week and 7am at the weekends) I’m promising myself with my followers as my witnesses, that I will go to bed an hour early at least two nights during the week, though I will aim for three (I just can’t fully commit to the three…baby steps!)
  4. Me time – I’m going to take one hour, one whole hour, at the weekend, every weekend, to spend time doing NOTHING…taking a bath doesn’t count as something, nor does watching TV or painting nails, all “nothing” activities I’ve been neglecting to indulge in whatsoever!
  5. Reading – I haven’t been allowing myself/finding the time to read all the blogs I love. I know it’s not realistic for me to read them all but a couple of hours at the weekend to catch up should suffice!

On a final note…as I mentioned already…


The support of new followers is more than a little appreciated, even if I fail to mention it! Smile

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