What I Ate Wednesday #12

I considered naming this post something different but I couldn’t think of anything, my mind is not feeling at it’s most creative…and sure it is it what it is!

I’ve gone a little zucchini crazy ever since my cooked zucchini oats and the thickest and creamiest zucchini and mango green monster smoothie was one I had to instantly repeat.

You think that would of kept me going until lunch time but I couldn’t skip my mid morning treat having prepared it the night before.

Zucchini Baked Oat Cake!!! It was incredible! I shall be sharing the recipe tomorrow so be sure to check back.

The lunch that followed was equally delicious, combining similar ingredients to those used in my stew last week but with a wonderful tahini dressing.

Chickpea, Kale and Brown Basmati Rice Salad…with an extra drizzle of spiced protein rich dressing to bring it all together. This one will be up later today. It’s too good not to share!

I can see this making my top ten salads next year and we’re only just over the first week of January!

I snacked on fruit between lunch and dinner, an apple and 4 small Satsuma oranges as well as drinking copious amounts of water.

After a 3 mile run in the warm evening air (it almost feels like Spring!), it was time for dinner.

Vegan Lentil Moussaka….

Packed full of wonderful mix of spices and topped with a creamy vegan béchamel sauce…a great alternative to lasagna is you like you’re layered savoury bakes!

Another one to share tomorrow.

I of course finished the day off with a delicious bowl of sweet red grapes, prunes, apricots and a couple of squares of Lindt 85%….can’t live without it!

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    1. It’s a really good oatcake! I was just over on your blog! Didn’t comment, I’m speed reading, but I love your blog; we have a lot of similar traits with my eating disordered past, and long term recovery.

  1. Oh my god. This post just made my tummy rumble! Definitely checking back for that chickpea kale and brown rice salad later – I want to make it for dinner for sure.
    And vegan lentil moussaka? Is it too extreme to tell you I love you??

  2. Words can’t even describe how delicious everything looks!
    That salad sounds amaaazing. And I’m loving all of the zucchini recipes. I can’t seem to get enough zucchini either. I’ve been eating them raw with hummus like a mad woman.