A completely new take on the patty

[donotprint] I love my vegan burgers, bean, tofu, chickpea, I love em all! The meaty beet tofu burger was a recent deviation from the norm; prior to which veggie burgers were all about the pulses!

With Quinoa on the brain, I just can’t get enough of it lately, there was only one thing for it…or one patty for it. Quinoa, spring onion, breadcrumbs, nutritional yeast and flax egg…five ingredients. Cook, mix, mould, pan fry…seriously the easiest vegan burgers I’ve ever made. Not that the others could be described as hard but they inevitably lead to a little bit more chopping and cleaning up post preparation.

Ok I will admit they are actually more like 8 ingredient patties if you count salt, pepper and cumin but I choose not to!

My appetite increases of a weekend evening and so I whipped up three medium sized patties and served them with a side of curried celeriac fries (my favourite fries of the moment, I may possibly turn in to a celeriac if I continue to eat such copious amounts!). A little light tzatziki and the meal was complete. I will admit that two patties would have probably been plenty…but if I make something and put it on my plate it will inevitably be eaten.

I don’t think I’ll ever shake the “must clean my plate” mindset ingrained in me from an early age (obviously suffering from eating disorders for the bones of 10 years resulted in a major stop gap but it has now been firmly re-established/rekindled!)

I’m always a little sceptical/anxious about ideas that seem too simplistic. I’m all for easy recipes but when something comes together in under 2 minutes (once you have cooked quinoa at hand) it takes simple a step too far?!

Definitely not! These patties are incredibly taste, moist, with a little bit of crunch and chew (and delicious warm or cold; as always I did the initial taste test the morning after the night before post photo snapping and well before breakfast).

The celeriac fries on the side are an absolute must. If you didn’t try the first time I sung their praises, they now truly deserve to be at the top of some “must try list” or in my case “must eat over and over again list”. I went through a phase of eating masses of parsnip fries, but that got older a hell of a lot quicker than my run with the celeriac. They crispen up so beautifully, soft and tender on the inside and the curry powder combination is incredibly addictive!

The tzatziki was a last minute whip together; I wanted something cooling and a little creamy on the side of both the patties and the fries. It worked wonderfully…I did however add a big dollop of ketchup to the plate when it came round to dinner time! I reheated the patties without any hassle and they remained as delicious to the taste and pretty to the eye as when taken straight from the oven.

If you have any leftover cooked quinoa why not make up your own quinoa maple crunchy cereal?  [/donotprint]

Vegan Quinoa Patties


Servings – 1 –2 (2 large or 3 medium patties)

Preparation Time – 5 minutes

Cooking Time – 10-15 minutes (+15 –20 to cook Quinoa)



  • 1 cup Quinoa cooked (60g/2.2oz) uncooked
  • 1 1/3 tbsp ground flax + 4 tbsp water
  • 2 finely chopped spring onions
  • 1/3 cup gluten free breadcrumbs
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  1. If Quinoa is uncooked, cover with 1 –11/4 cup cold water, bring the boil, cover and simmer until all the water has been absorbed (approximately 15-20 minutes).
  2. Mix together flax and water and set to one side for 15 minutes, until thick and “eggy”.
  3. Mix all patty ingredients together once the flax egg mixture is ready.
  4. Mold in to three medium patties, or two large.
  5. Heat 1/2 tbsp olive oil in a non stick pan over a medium heat. Cook patties on each side for 5-7 minutes, until lightly golden brown.

Serve with celeriac fries and tzatziki (cucumber, fresh mint, salt, pepper, lemon juice and soy yoghurt!)

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