Feeling the Burn!

[donotprint] My hamstrings are positively crying out for a break this week! They are unbelievably sore having focused predominantly on leg exercises earlier on in the week. That combined with the gusty almost gale force wind that threatened to knock me over on three of my evening runs during the week have left them a little more sore than I might like. But what is it they say, no pain no gain?!


Clearly I need to do more of the above!

Being new to running I’m keen to build up the strength in my legs and ensure I’m toned and fit from head to toe to help me power through some longer distances. Mornings are weights, evenings are runs and I take a day of one or the other on a Saturday on Sunday.

Posting about workouts and training is all relatively new to me; as I mentioned last week I’m keen to test out some different at home workouts and Courtney has some killer ones which I focused on over the past couple of weeks. I’ve switched them up a little bit during the week, adding in a few new exercises here and there.


5lb dumbbells…my new best friends!

I know myself I have to be really careful to make sure I don’t loose weight and also keep gaining whilst I take on the new training. A lack of hunger certainly won’t be an issue! The weight training has brought with a new sense of insatiable hunger. No sooner am I done with a meal than I’m longing for the next! I’m not complaining, there is nothing worse when trying to gain weight than feeling full all the time. I have plans to make some homemade energy bars this weekend, those these babies stand up pretty well, the only problem being I’m now all out!

I’ve been filling my belly with supersized lunches like this! (Recipe coming over the weekend, Vegan Chow Mein!!!)

I’ve had a few people ask me will I be documenting my workouts from now on…I will, but not every day and not necessarily in a whole lot a detail. A weekly log will do me for the time being, though I can see the value in sharing as I think it will help prevent me getting myself stuck in an exercise cycle rut.

So here’s how this week went…


6.2km Run – Morning






  • Power Pairs Dumbbells Workout – Morning
  • V-Sit Twists with Dumbbell *15 Reps *3 Sets
  • Roll Ups with Dumbbell *15 Reps *3 Sets
  • 6.2 km Run – Evening


  • Feel the Burn Circuit Workout – Morning
  • Plank Hold *2 *60 seconds
  • V-Sit Incline Press *15 Reps *3 Sets
  • 6.6km Run – Evening

The plan for the weekend is to hit the treadmill tomorrow morning and attempt this treadmill workout


How cute!!!!

It’s one of Tina’s favourites, hopefully my hamstrings will hold up! Smile I’ve never been a big treadmill fan but it’s been a while since my feet have landed on one…if it’s good enough for cute doggies then I guess I can give it another go!

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    1. Am I fast? I’ve nothing to compare to! I feel like I’m as slow as a snail; I have this guy who laps me every evening at high speed! What you do you suggest as my next move?

  1. great new workout schedule although i believe u should have one day OFF and do NOTHING! your body needs a rest day to adapt to the new muscle effort/workout. i used to do the same as u, run every day and everytime the same distance… your body will get used to it after a while and not improve. u should try to maybe run 4km a day, 6 another 2 days, 3km plus a couple of 2mins faster intervals.
    just a suggestion but i think it would do u good! loooove the look of your chinese soba noodle salad! cant wait for the recipe!

    1. Thanks for the tips missus! much appreciated! 🙂 I need to hit up a treadmill, so easy just to run the same lap in the evenings after work (well depending on the weather, wind is a killer! ) I had a day off today (as long a light walk doesn’t count, it was too nice out not stretch my legs!)