In need of protein!

[donotprint] I thought it was impossible to feel the burn anymore than I was last week…well maybe not impossible but improbable…

That was until I stumbled upon the Courtney’s High Intensity Circuit Workout. Adapted from the Spartacus Workout, I put it top of my list to try out first thing Monday morning. As I was going through the moves which I checked up on over on Men’s Health , I decided I’d make a few changes.


I just need to get more of the bottom right!

I’m renaming it the booty burner! My booty has never gotten such a kicking! I actually took the lift in work the next morning (I take the three flights of stairs every morning partially due to a residual childhood fear… combined with the fact that I’m a firm believer that God gave me two legs for a reason!) I even considered not going for my evening run but decided to hell with it, it could only help loosen up my Glutes and luckily enough, two days later, moving from sitting to standing began to feel a little more normal!

Before I go in to the details, there is something else I want to share…

A protein rich sweet treat…

Vegan Chickpea Carob Chip Blondies!!! They were of course inspired by Katie’s over @Chocolate Covered Katie. Between the running the weights I desperately need to bunk up my protein intake and these protein packed blondies are the perfect pre or post workout snack. Sweet, gooey, slightly crumbly with a rich earthy chocolate flavour throughout thanks to the inclusion of the carob chips (reminiscent of my banana bread), absolutely delicious. I shared some, ate some, and froze some and plan on eating the last of them this week Smile

You can find the recipe for these blond beauts here.

Rather than repeating each exercise for 1 minute I decided to set myself to some reps  to repeat three times over (I just don’t have a stop watch and sticking to reps made it easier to stick to.

I repeated the following circuit three times (it took a rounded 30 minutes to complete).

  • Goblet Squat * 20 (6lb Dumbbell)
  • Mountain Climber *40 (Alternating Legs)
  • Plie Squats with front Dumbbell Raise * 20 (6lb Dumbbell)
  • T Push Up * 15 each side (Pair of 2lb Dumbbells)
  • Split Lunge Jump *40 (Alternating Legs)
  • Dumbbell Row * 25
  • Dumbbell Side Lunge and Touch * 15 each side (Pair of 3lb Dumbbells)
  • Push Up Position Row * 15 each side (Pair of 3lb Dumbbells)
  • Dumbbell Lunge Rotation * 15 each side (Pair of 5lb Dumbbells)
  • Dumbbell Press Push * 20 (Pair of 5lb Dumbbells)

You can check out how to do most of the moves above here.

The Plie Squats are a switch up taken from Courtney’s Feel the Burn Circuit Workout.

The rest of week I went for my evening runs as per usual, about 6k or just over every night, with the exception of last night as I was at the wedding.

I mixed up some other workouts from last week Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then gave the above another go yesterday morning before I headed out to get my nails done! Smile I’m feeling the burn once more!

As much as I love the chickpea blondies and they help a little in the boosting my protein intake mission that I’m currently on I’ve decided it’s about time I purchase some protein powder (never thought I’d see the day!) My muscles aren’t recovering quick enough and I’m clearly not feeding them required fuel to do so. A scoop of protein here and there, in oats and smoothies, can only help! As luck would have it a specialist shop in my locality actually stock Sun Warrior so I’m hitting up the shop early next week (I would love to go this afternoon but I’m assuming the shop is likely to be closed seen as it’s Patrick’s Day!)


Chocolate or Vanilla…that is the questions?!

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