Proper food

After a couple of days of living of my raw food bars last week I still reveling in the joys of being able to create full proper hearty, sweet and savoury meals! Smile Absence makes the heart grow fonder (and one day away from my wonderful array of vegan eats is more than enough, almost two was pushing it!)


Not only in honour of What I Ate Wednesday’s Green Month, but in order to curb my intense craving for green filled food to recharge my body I started my day yesterday with the second of zucchini bread green monster smoothies in 3 days.

This is by far my favourite smoothie of the moment. Sweet, savoury, creamy, thick and only to be served chilled, preferably in a bowl…and not without it’s obligatory raisin, walnut and coconut toppings…each spoonful is more heavenly than the last!

Next up on the menu…Rhubarb and Strawberry Overnight Oats! Apple or Strawberry…Strawberry or Apple…I went with the smoothie combo seen as I had fresh strawberries at hand which doesn’t happen all that often. Or at least when I do have them they don’t tend to last all that long!

Stewed rhubarb, fresh strawberries, oats, buckwheat groats…and some extra goodies! Deliciously pink! Recipe shall be up tomorrow morning.

Lunch also came in a bowl..corn and yellow pepper soup with a chili kick and an awesome side…(in fact it was the same bowl!)

My mini chili cornbread which is totally irresistible so much so that it almost didn’t make to lunch time to accompany my soup (a point which I left out yesterday!)

A large Braeburn apple and a blood orange filled the afternoon gap until it came to dinner. The last of the blood oranges before they go out of season Sad smile

I managed to get in a whole heap more green at dinner with a fruity mango and cucumber rice salad adapted from Sonia over @thehealthyfoodie… my recipe with a few tweaks shall be up this evening.

Whilst I should have been filling up on protein (post run) I went with my fruity chilled food craving and this super sized salad satisfied on all fronts.

Of course my day wouldn’t be complete without my grapes, prunes and apricots along with some dark chocolate. I decided to switch it up by having one my raw banana and pecan nut bars in place of handfuls of dried fruit. Had I had any of cocoa almond and dates ones left I could have satisfied my chocolate and dried fruit craving in one…luckily enough I had plenty of Lindt 85% in the freezer. Yes I store my chocolate in the freezer, it has to be crisp and extra cold to ultimate satisfaction Smile

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