Vedge Pledge or Cookies?

[donotprint] I had a long weekend full of yummy eats and plenty of baking…the eats will come later in the week but the baking is keeping me in mid morning snacks for the rest of the week!


To start my first day at work off in a fantastic way I made myself a delicious bowl of banana, clementine and pineapple smoothie..

Refreshing and creamy, topped off with my one of my favourites, dried banana, some dried pineapple and fresh pineapple and clementine segments. So good! Recipe will be up tomorrow.

Next up I had one of my chocolate banana buckwheat cookies, the recipe for which I shared yesterday, as well as one of my zucchini bread cookies!!!

Yes zucchini bread cookies inspired by Angela’s carrot cake breakfast cookies. Absolutely incredible. I’ll have the recipe for these babies up this afternoon along with a recap on my first ever 10k which I somehow managed to complete slightly haphazardly but very enthusiastically last Saturday morning!

Next up was Pan Seared Blackened Tofu with a side of tahini coleslaw and a few gherkins for good measure.

Absolutely incredible. I’m truly madly deeply in love with tofu. It’s proving to be as alluring as chocolate and that’s saying something!

A large pink lady apple and an orange all the way from Valencia filled a gap before dinner.

Thai coconut cashew salad! This was a taste sensation. The dressing had a slightly meaty taste to it. The flavours were so complex and teasing. The waft of the dressing once mixed with the other goodies was simply irresistible. I couldn’t wait to dig in.

Flaked coconut, cashews, carrots and kale were also in the mix. Recipe shall be up tomorrow evening. It’s one I can’t keep to myself any longer!

Before bed the Lindt went to one side and I nibbled on some of the the gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and egg free Easter egg which my mum managed to track down/slash randomly spot on the shop shelves and pick up for me as the perfect Easter treat.

What would we do without mums!

I can’t say I managed to squeeze in an extra cup of veggies over what I usually eat but between the zucchini cookie, the large side of coleslaw and veggie packed salad I think I met my daily quota!

Anyone else have any Easter eggs left to nibble on? [/donotprint]

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  1. Yummy eats! I ate my dark chocolate lindt bunny, well i melted him into my porridge each morning 😛 and I have a green and blacks dark choc egg leftover but I’ve put that away for another time.

  2. You either have a super camera or super cooking abilities! haha Either way, amazing pictures! I’m drooling all over my computer now, thanks! d: