From a Hotel Room

I’m in Birmingham (Birmingham UK not US unfortunately)! The seminar is today, kicking off in a mere few hours. I’ve done my workout from my hotel room and I’ve found the time to join the What I ate Wednesday party! Whoop!

It’s unlikely I’ll be back before tomorrow evening after this…though I may get a chance to check in from the airport over on Twitter, depending if I can get some WiFi or not.


Here’s a little recap of my eats from yesterday which started out well but as soon as I left the house ended up a tad too snacky for my liking…though some good snacks were had! I packed up and made do once I headed for the airport but made sure my tummy was plenty full before I left the yumminess of my own kitchen Smile

I started the day with a pear and banana smoothie….

It’s sort of a baby food combination! It was incredibly creamy and naturally sweet. I’ll be sharing this when I’m back in blogging action for a breakfast post Friday morning.

Not long after my smoothie I filled up with yet more pears, this time baked in oats the night previous, chilled and dressed to impress for a super sweet breakfast treat.

Pear and Pecan Baked Oats…shared yesterday so it’s one recipe you don’t have to wait for!

Then before leaving I had myself an amazing new burger. A vegan Italian cannellini sundried tomato burger, spelt bun, carrot fries on the side which filled my tummy incredibly well and kept me going snack free until I boarded the plane a few hours later. I’ll get this one up Friday evening for sure.

It’s been a while since I made a new burger and this one was such a treat.

I knew finding real food for a vegan while on the move wouldn’t be easy so I’d packed up a few staples.

I had one of pistachio raw bars which I posted the other day…

One of my brownies which I whipped up for my Birthday over the weekend! Fudgy, dense, rich and extremely chocolaty! Recipe will be up tomorrow evening!

Best brownies ever!!!  The chocolate chips inside them oozed and burst once heated (unfortunately I didn’t have this option once I got to my hotel room but room temperature fudgy chocolate brownies aren’t anything to be passed up!)

I also couldn’t be without my grapes, dark chocolate, blueberries, prunes and apricots as a night time snack so had them packed up little plastic bowl to nibble out of and all! Smile

So all in all not one of my best veggie filled days but I’ll make up for it when I’m home.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday…wish me luck on the seminar!

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