[donotprint] I would usually begin my Wednesday WIAW post by saying how I couldn’t believe it was this time of the week again…. This week it’s a bit different! By Sunday I felt like I’d been through a about two weeks; having an injury and not being able to run is more draining than I could have imagined! Anyway, I’m battling on and eating my way through plenty of yummy eats to take my mind off it!

My eats and exercise are all about change, in form, ingredients, increasing certain elements and reducing others and I’m doing my utmost as self confessed control freak to embrace it.

A brilliant quote that Heather reminded me of at the weekend.

Yesterday began with an incredible mango chocolate and banana smoothie!!! It was quite the early morning treat.

Topped off with pistachios, I pretty much died and went to heaven Smile Recipe will be up tomorrow morning!

Mid morning I delved in to one of my blueberry and banana muffins…(recipe was shared yesterday).

Perfect for filling the gap until lunch time.

Lunch arrived (well it didn’t quite arrive, it very rarely does!) in the form of tempeh! My first ever encounter and I have to say I was quite impressed!

I made a hefty bowlful (note to self….tempeh is incredibly more filling than tofu) with a sweet chili kick. Completely different to tofu yet somehow the same.

My first tempeh recipe will be tomorrow evening!

Dinner was pizza round 1 for this week (I have a feeling I’ll be delving in to another one before the week comes to a close!). Pizza round 1 that wasn’t even round Smile

I went for a rectangular shape for a change…topped with a curried bean puree, roasted squash and onions…wowsers!!!! It was fan blooming tastic. I’ll stick the recipe up for this baby later this evening. It is one I simply must share!

Having let go of running for until my hip gets better Sad smile, embraced weights and included more protein in my diet, the one this I can’t quite manage to let go of just yet is my all time favourite night time snack! It will happen soon and as soon as it does I shall let you know but in the meantime I’m going to keep on enjoying my Lindt, Grapes and Dried Fruit Bowl.

Any changes to your eats lately? [/donotprint]

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  1. tempeh is great, i love it much more than tofu. its so difficult to find a decent tasting tofu, i am quite picky with it so I often just be safe and go with a nice tempeh dish. HOw come you are going to stop having your dark chocolate and fruit bowls?

    1. I don’t love it more than tofu…yet, but maybe I just need to eat more! Ah I will still be having them I just need to try and introduce some protein to my night time snack..I have a chocolate solution!

  2. Tempeh is soooo amazing! Try it crumbled and stir fried, and it holds up great on a bbq as a “burger”…. If you have access to trader joes theirs is amazing and less than $2! And i echo the above comment- whhhyyy would you ever want to change the night time snack?
    In the meantime listen to your body and let it heal from your injury the way it needs to…

    1. No Trader Joes in Ireland unfortunately but tofu sticks on the BBQ maybe? It’s a great snack I just need to supplement it with some protein…I have new energy balls coming!

  3. I’m sorry to hear about you not being able to run. I had to pause after a stupid injury for six (!) weeks recently and endure my colleagues going for runs at lunch break. While it sucked big times I distracted myself with nice walks at break time (just needed the fresh air) and did not decrease my food intake whatsoever. Please believe me you won’t gain weight too quickly. While I need to gain a few pounds, too, I was worried but not a lot changed.

    Oh, also: Thanks for mentioning Lindt 85 % often. I used to only have the 90 % but now I’m having the two of them interchangeably – at least two pieces a day.

    1. I like the 90% too, it’s amazing! I’m over my panic now but thanks! I can’t walk either the elliptical is the only thing that doesn’t hurt, walking is still aggravating it, it’s just annoying me now! 😉