Evening Elliptical

I never would of thought a couple of weeks ago that I’d be posting an elliptical workout…probably because the only encounter I’d ever had with the machine was a 10 minute warm up what feels like many years ago. I’ve always preferred the treadmill, it just feels altogether more free. However needs must and with the the trapped nerve in hip I have taken to the elliptical on a mission to find an alternative form of cardio that doesn’t have any impact.

I’m not going to lie, I miss running like nothing on earth and as I sweat it out on the elliptical cross trainer I envy those that pound it out on the treadmill and just hope that I can back in to my running groove once my hip ceases to cause me so much pain.

In the meantime however in an effort to make sure I don’t bore myself to tears I’ve been online doing a bit of searching for elliptical interval workouts to challenge me and keep me focused during my evening cardio (the only type of cardio when your in work at 7am Smile )

I’ve mentioned during the week that I’ve been making an effort to introduce some weights in to my workouts and I’m looking forward to be able to do some mixed up circuits using the treadmill. If been trying to keep track of my elliptical workouts using daily mile, focusing on distance and speed with moderate resistance and a steady incline.

Below is one of my favourites which I’ve completed a few times over the past week.

It’s nice and flexible in terms of how long you want to make it. My usual 10km once a week run was replaced by just under 60 minutes on the elliptical Friday gone by repeating the 30 minutes twice.

30 minute Interval Elliptical Workout (2)

So far I’ve only managed to keep the ramp at 10…though I have plans to challenge myself a bit more this coming week. Those sprints are no joke for a newbie!

I’ve also been given new exercises by the physio as I need to work on the way I position my pelvis when I walk, sit and run. I didn’t realise until she stood me against a wall how far forward my pelvis is tilted. I’ve been making a conscious effort to keep it in check….it’s ridiculously hard and I’m finding it hard to imagine it but sure all I can do is try my damn hardest!

Love this quote!










Do you have a favourite elliptical workout for me to try?

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