My first flakes

[donotprint] How did I leave it this to buy a bag of quinoa flakes?

Every time I’m in the healthstore I look at them on the shelf and almost buy them,  but seen as I’m a self confessed baked oats addict, I always end up leaving without them for fear that I’d buy them, not be able to make a whole lot with them or find the time to make use of them.

For some reason I thought a breakfast flake bake wouldn’t be a whole lot different to baked oats…boy was I wrong. They are completely different! The quinoa flake bake more cake like and possibly even easier to make. I always feel the need/desire to toast the underside of my bake oats but the quinoa flake bake was nicely browned on top and almost crisp the whole way around and underneath when I removed it from the oven.

Light and fluffy, if you didn’t know there was just quinoa flakes and fruit puree (as well as a couple of other add ins) you would swear it had been made with flour and contained some form of egg or vegan alternative to hold it all together.

I opted for a tropical pineapple quinoa flake bake including brazils and currants, fresh pineapple puree, pineapple chunks and coconut and went all out on toppings, including all of the aforementioned aside from the puree and with a additional passionfruit for extra “tropicalness”!

There is nothing like the combination of pineapple and coconut, the two just work so well together. A match made in heaven, or rather a match made in the tropics. I love brazils in such a mix, paired with currants, they provide the perfect balanced of savoury and sweet, crunch and chew.

I opted for the long bake method, popping the ramekin in to the oven for 25 minutes. If I was in a rush I’d definitely give the microwave a go but seen as I had the oven on cooking veggies anyway it seemed like the easier/most efficient option (really I was just afraid my mixing would go to waste if I risked putting in the microwave to cook and I fancied the slightly crisp top that the oven cooking method produced (that’s a lie, I didn’t kn

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