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[donotprint] Right so I blogged/babbled yesterday about my inability to run at the moment.

Here’s a catch up in case you missed out! (There’s also a run down of some of my new favourite fitness blogs)

Today is the day when I should have been running the women’s mini marathon.

Of course I’m disappointed. It really hit home on Friday that I missing out. I say every year that I’m going to run the mini marathon and this years was to be the year. I was running 10k’s without too much bother a month and half ago until the injury….

Something which I didn’t mention yesterday….when I came home after my first visit to the physio I cried. I cried and moaned and felt positively distraught. The thought of not being able to run, I just couldn’t see past it. I hadn’t been looking after myself, not eating enough of the right foods at the right time to help my muscles recover, I neglected stretching and I was running 6 days a week. It was my own fault. Ok so I my pelvis being tilted too far forward was not something I intentionally set out to do, running with my ass sticking out and putting a whole heap of strain on my lower back but I still wished I had to been smarter.

It was officially out of my control and once I’d accepted that I tried to turn the negative in to a positive. It was better it happened when it did before I did some serious damage, I could now change my bad habits and start looking after myself and it was the perfect opportunity to take up some other forms of training, get stronger and fitter. I hit the gym the next day and immediately felt a zillion times better. I forgot how powerful weight training can make you feel. It’s good for the mind and unlike cardio you finish feeling yes tired, yes sweaty but also strong, like you’ve really achieved something rather than feeling like all you want to do is lie down!

Reading other bloggers stories about their injuries and how they dealt with their inability to continue training as per their preferred methods really helped. I felt less alone. If others could get through it so could I. I know I have really strong willpower. In the past unfortunately its done me more harm than good, taken over by my eating disordered ways, but like when I decided I was going to take back the control and overcome the eating disorders, I knew I could utilise what is also commonly referred to as my stubbornness and sheer determination. It’s a weakness I’ve recognised and now choose to play it as a strength.

Anyway enough feeling sorry for myself! I picked myself up on Saturday morning just gone and hit the gym this Saturday to get some Supersets done. Supersets are officially my favourite way to weight train. Doing a full circuit of 8 –10 exercises, or repeating the same exercise three sets over in a row just doesn’t have the same appeal.

Here’s the first Superset workout I posted a while ago in case you missed out!

The latest favourite full body superset workout looks a little something like this Smile Let me know if you try it and what you think of it.

Here’s a few places you can find how to do some of the exercises you might not be familiar with…

Good luck to everyone taking part in the Women’s Mini Marathon this year, I’m not there this year…I will be be there with bells on next year!

What’s your favourite way to weight train? Supersets, Circuits or Simple Straightforward Sets and Reps?

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  1. I quite like doing circuits, as it breaks it up doing each move after each other, and I find I can perform each individual move better that way, than doing it three times in a row. I’ve just started doing supersets on the livefit trainer last week, and I like them, they are tough but they make the workout quicker and up its intensity too!

  2. I feel your pain so acutely! Just this past winter, I sustained a knee injury that prevented me from running for 4 months, which meant that I couldn’t train with my team, and although I tried to race, I was not running well at all because I was not able to properly train. I spent the entire time on the elliptical, which for me was really hard because I have so much trouble staying focused on cardio machines (I find them really boring). My biggest fear was that when I started running again, I would be so out of “running shape” that I would be so much slower than the rest of my team-mates, and that I would never catch up again. I can happily say, though, that while yes, it is taking some time for me to get back to the speeds I was running at before, I am making a full recovery, and even pb’d at my last race! So I know it sucks now, but stick with it, be patient, and eventually you will be back out there, too!

    1. Thanks Brittany! That really helps as I’m currently back to doing 5 minutes and tried 10 the other day and suffered for it unfortunately. Think I just need to take it slowly! Glad to hear your making a full recovery.

  3. I’m sorry you aren’t able to run today! You will get there and do it and be proud of yourself and glad that you are healed properly for it.

    On another note, this superset looks GREAT! I will have to add this to my workouts. Thank you!