What I’ve been making lately

[donotprint] Holy moly I’ve had some fantastic eats over the past few days. I was considering sharing a bit of a montage but decided I’d let yesterday shine all on it’s own.

What I Ate Wednesday Time, Love it Smile

I probably should have called this post cherries and tofu as both feature quite heavily. Yes I’m well and truly back on my tofu kick and seen as cherries are finely a little cheaper and in large supply I’ve been eating my body weight in them and finely got around to making a cherrilicious smoothie!

A cherry packed smoothie reminiscent of a cherry bakewell thanks to some almond extract! It was out of this world. God I wish I could get cherry’s all year round!

Recipe will be up for this one tomorrow.

Mid morning breakfast number two came in the form of yet more cherries….seriously, when I say eating my body weight in them I’m not kidding!

Cherry Almond Quinoa Flake Bake…the best flake bake yet! Recipe will be up Friday.

Then came lunch…tofu take one. Almond Tofu Burgers/Patties with a roasted red pepper sauce.

Super simple, highly tasty and protein packed. They were quite the surprise. Recipe for these babies will also be up tomorrow.

Some fruit in between went un pictured as always – an apple and a medium orange.

After my workout I served myself up quite an incredible dinner…

Teriyaki Tofu Bowl! Rice Noodles and raw shredded veggies. A simple tofu dish that was incredibly delicious. The rice noodles and raw veggies worked so well together.

It smelt incredible and tasted even better.

Tofu and cherry overload…not that I’m complaining!

Before bed it was the usual grapes, blueberry, prune, apricot and Lindt bowl..there may have been a couple of cherries consumed! Smile

What food are you eating copious amounts of at the moment? [/donotprint]

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  1. The cheery smoothie is such a pretty color, but the quinoa flake bake looks and sounds amazing! Those tofu thingies on the salad do, too 🙂 I haven’t had any cherries, but I’ve been eating kabocha out the whazoo!

  2. Oh wow theres so many recipes there that i just cant wait to see. I agree, i love cherries..i could just and eat them one after the other and never get sick of them..although im like that with quite a lot of fruits to be honest.

  3. Pretty pretty please with cherries and tofu on top, can you feed me? M’gosh, all of your food looks so fresh and tasty and vibrant! I always forget to add fun extracts to my smoothies, so I’m going to have to do that more. And I’m going to have to check out the recipes for the Flake Bake and the tofu-almond patties.