Fitness & Food Fun

Yesterday was a day like no other…a day full of recipe experiments, no theme, no common ingredients and each meal incredibly delicious.

In keeping with the fitness theme this month I took my weekly spin class last night. Tuesdays is the best day for me to fit it in. It’s by far my favourite group class, I literally come out dripping sweat. I’d never push myself, particularly on a bike as much as I do in that class. Love it!

Peas and Crayons

Fitness and Food Fun…because there really is nothing more fun than trying new workouts, joining new classes and creating new eats! Smile

First up was a beautiful berry blast smoothie with a chocolate twist.

Fruity, sweet, rich…absolutely delicious! I shared the recipe for this bright berry brimming smoothie yesterday morning.

What followed was a new flake bake…

Mango and Blueberry! Still totally loving this combination (in case you missed my epic pancake check back here!).

The blueberries burst within the bake, combined with the mango laden quinoa flakes…soft, fluffy, fruity deliciousness. Recipe will be up for this one tomorrow morning.

Next up was my edamame raw veggie pilaf. It might sound a bit odd but it was amazing. I shared the recipe yesterday, a really simple dish, super tasty, packed full of texture and some of my favourite ingredients.

It was a complete experiment which turned out to be quite the success!

Fruit was snacked on mid afternoon…a pink lady and flat bottomed peach (also known as doughnut peach); new favourite stoned fruit aside from cherries of course!

For dinner I had myself another new burger. I mentioned last week that I had another one to share…

This one was different from any other veggie burger I’ve ever made, featuring borlotti beans and buckwheat groats among other things. I’ll stick the recipe up tomorrow evening.

Before bed I had one of my giant chocolate hazelnut cookies that I made over the weekend; totally epic, recipe will be up this evening.

I decided to make them supersized for a change to save myself going back for seconds and thirds. It’s a hearty cookie for when you feeling a little more than peckish!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!!

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  1. I love that cauliflower and broccoli pilaf…I love to make cauliflower rice, so that is right up my alley! Yum, hazelnut cookies…I made a great little hazelnut dessert this week too! So good with chocolate…epic combo!

  2. Wow, you’ve definitely been busy in the recipe department lately! Everything looks great, but I have to say that smoothie is just absolutely GORGEOUS! And I canNOT wait for that flake bake recipe…need to get me some quinoa flakes ASAP!

    Happy WIAW beautiful!

  3. I am excited for the flake bake recipe, I know it will be another winnaaa. And the smoothie looks just beautiful, and obviously it tastes fantastic! Smoothies have been my jam for the past several days, it’s too hot for much else!

  4. Can you come and cook for me, please? Or at leat mail me some cookies??? They must be really good if they were able to replace your usual Lindt (hey, that’s a valid measure for how good a cookie is ;)) and dried fruit.