Back in the game

I had one fantastic week of food last week, lots of new recipes to share and not enough days to share them… but lets make a start with yesterday!

Peas and Crayons

I half considered not putting this post together….I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts since the weekend and not in the feeling sick sense, more in the “head in the clouds slight spaced out melodramatic sense”… Food is my passion, I love nothing more than sharing recipes and joining in parties such as these every week, but some days it feels like effort and when it feels like effort that’s when you should call it quits or at least take a break. Hence I’ve taken a bit of time to write a few more mindful posts of late…

The Comparison Trap

Addictive Nature

Just in case you missed them Winking smile

On reflection I released I just felt a little underappreciated. As much as I love to cook, love food photography, being part of the healthy living blogging space, when you’re tired and have one to many kitchen mishaps you do feel like giving up on the whole thing. I realised that I blog not only because I love it but because I’d someday really like to make something of it and one year in I’m feeling a tad frustrated and angry at myself for not trying to branch out a little! Anyone with any tips or advice please share!

Time to get back to yesterday’s eats because they were hella good!

A new decadent green monster.

Fig, Peach and Banana! Super thick and creamy as always with a few delicious twists. Had the recipe up yesterday as I was feeling very proactive! (Sometimes I just can’t wait to share a new recipe and this was one I couldn’t keep to myself; I pretty much wanted to bathe in its deliciousness!)

Then came something completely out of the ordinary…not an oat or quinoa flake in sight.

Sticky mango breakfast rice pudding! De-damn-licious! It was quite the 11am treat. Recipe coming tomorrow morning.

Lunch was a spectacular salad…a twist on a classic.

A vegan Caesar Salad! I again jumped right on the gravy train with this one and stuck it up yesterday when I got home from work.

In between lunch and dinner I got in some fruit before hitting up spinning…

I was not a pretty sight post class…! Smile Another not so regular occurrence is me posting any kind of photo other than of food or a quote I love. Here seems like the most appropriate/opportune time for me to squeeze in what I mean by “back in the game”… last week saw me get back to running. Two 10ks and a 9k run, all of which I felt pretty amazing after; I’ll attribute some this to my new found awareness and appreciation of foam rolling! It’s a killer but oh so worth the pain.

Then came dinner… The most amazing thick and hearty creamy bowl of soup/stew I’ve ever had, EVER.

Peanut Butter Squash…with a side of cornbread. Oh my good God it was amazing! I made every effort to lick that square bowl clean! Recipe will be up tomorrow evening…in the meantime getting making some cornbread as it’s a must alongside it!

Nothing like a few recipe successes to pick a girl up Smile

Of course grapes, Dark chocolate and dried fruits were dug in to before bed time, you don’t need to see a pic…when I step outside the box with my night time snack I’ll be sure to take a snap!

And just as I take on the new theme for the month…Summer Staples!!

Cherries, Peaches, Raspberries and Smoothies of all shapes and colours!!! (Oh and Banana Soft Serve and Overnight Oats but of course!) Happy WIAW!

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  1. Michelle, your day of eats look soo amazing!! Can’t wait to see that sticky mango bfast rice pudding!!! Bread pudding is my FAV dessert, and this seems like such an intriguing and delicious twist!! And yay for getting back in the game 😉

  2. Aaaah, come and cook for me! That mango rice pudding sounds mighty interesting – isn’t short-grain brown rice amazing? … and hey, I might even be able to try the soup (unlike recently when my butternut had gone bad) – hokkaido squash is back around here!

  3. I haven’t been over to your blog in the last few days 🙁 so I missed those posts! Off to do some reading right after I comment here… on your beautiful food of course! I am intrigued by the rice pudding, cant wait to see the recipe for it 🙂

  4. I just moved to Montana from the East Coast and I’ve been mourning all the foods I can’t find – sticky rice with mango being one of them! I’m new to your blog but will definitely have to come back, especially for that recipe! Also, love your design – cute idea & colors!

  5. The sticky pudding and green monster look amazing! But your shoulders look really bony, I hope you’re in a healthy place! Sometimes pics can be deceptive, I am aware, but I just wanted to reach out because sometimes someone saying something can make a difference…

    Anyway, what do you mean branch out? How do you want to branch out, and what do you mean by ‘make something’?

    1. All shall be revealed! I’ve always had bony shoulders, it’s the one part of my body won’t bulk up, I am working on it though 🙂 I’m just more of a natural pear.