Banana Buckwheat Loving

[donotprint] I’m on a bit of a banana buckwheat craze at the moment…loving both in every way shape or form…pancakes, snacks, cakes, cooked, soaked…seperately and together; you’ll see what I mean below!

Peas and Crayons

What I Ate Wednesday Time!!! Before I go all foodie on you, you might have missed my post yesterday…Enlightenment…I’ve made a fair few big decisions of late, namely leaving my job and going back to study. If you want to know more check back on yesterday’s post!

Also due to the blog being out of action over the weekend (to put it mildly!), you might have also missed the post about Ireland’s Raw Kitchen…an amazing Irish company that I’m delighted to have found and honoured to have as my first blog sponsor!

I had a wondrous day of food yesterday (I say that a lot but more often than not it’s true!!!)

Banana featured first in the form of a huge thick and creamy peanut butter and banana cookie dough smoothie. Incredibly filling and 100% delicious.

I decided to opt for a glass….needless to say a long armed spoon was required to make my way through it, no way was this dough boy making it up a straw!

Topped with some homemade PB granola! Recipe for both coming tomorrow morning! It’s a two for one special Smile

As if I hadn’t had enough banana at this stage I decided it was time I gave Sonia’s amazing banana buckwheat pudding another go (this is round two, round one went un-pictured!)

I’ll share my take on it tomorrow! Luscious, creamy and my favourite breakfast of the minute. As much as I love my overnight oats and even overnight buckwheat groats, cooked buckwheat really is incredible and the flavour works so well with banana!

Recipe Friday morning first thing (I do have one recipe already posted I promise their all not…”yet to come!” I’m making a bit of a habit of it!)

Then came lunch and it was buckwheat round two! Creamy edamame sundried tomato and zucchini buckwheat salad. Another recipe inspired by Sonia.

I’ll have my vegan version up tomorrow evening!

Snack as per usual remains un pictured… I had a nice crunchy pink lady apple and medium sized orange before hitting up the gym after work. It was spinning class day! Love my Tuesday evening spin class, look forward to getting my sweat on every week! Smile

Post workout I delved in to this super duper calzone which I intended on sharing the recipe for yesterday…but I have it ready for this Friday evening now 🙂  Wholegrain spelt crust vegan calzone packed with pumpkin, roasted red pepper, spinach and sundried tomatoes.

Definitely one to try! The polenta rolled dough makes it a winner every time; and who could not like a pumpkin filling!

For dessert I had a slice of my chocolate cherry cake from earlier in the week. I had to make use of some of the local Irish cherries that I’d hand picked with a little bit of baking.

My dad said I should go in to business after having a slice…the ultimate compliment! It was good! Recipe coming Saturday evening!!! So simple, you’re goana love it!

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  1. Banana and buckwheat is my absolute favourite combo for pancakes.. yum! All your eats look so so good, keen for the recipes 😉

  2. Michelle, everything looks soooo good. I really hope you’ll be sharing the recipe for the wholegrain spelt crust vegan calzone. It looks incredible. As always your photography is beyond beautiful 🙂 It’s always a pleasure for the eyes to come to your blog! Happy WIAW!

  3. Okay sooo I have never tried buckwheat before! That needs to change asap, because the way you describe and present it looks glorious Michelle! That calzone is a winner too, you just consistently have the best foods 🙂

    1. Oh ye definitely! Through a tablespoon of groats in your overnight oats (make sure your rinse them well before hand) and buckwheat flour is so good for banana bread and pancakes!

  4. Oh man. I cannot wait until you post the recipe for that calzone. It looks absolutely delicious. I’m drooling a bit. I made something that sounds sorrrta like that a few weeks ago, it was a sweet potato & black bean burrito with an almond flour wrap 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness I absolutely cannot WAIT to see the recipe for that smoothie! Everything else looks killer too. As usual, I’m drooling ha! Congratulations on your first sponsor by the way, and on making the decision to do some more studying! You’re amazing 🙂

  6. Holy goodness girl, your food looks so good…all of it! That cake, buckwheat pudding and smoothie look so decadent 🙂 and your blog is just so gorgeous. Let me guess–Jenny from pbjenny designed it?! 😛 I think that’s her style hehe. I love the fact that your site is centered around peaches bc they’ve been my Fave fruit this summer.

  7. Your meals impress and inspire me more and more every day!
    The buckwheat salad and vegan calzone are both GORGEOUS. And all of your flavor combinations sound amazing. I can’t wait for the recipes. (: