A couple of days late

[donotprint] So turns out I missed the blog anniversary. With all the confusion with the domain renewal it kind of overshadowed any consideration for when I actually published that first post…

Of course I can’t say that and not link you…so embarrassing to look back at older posts; god I really was good at taking awful less than inviting pictures of food! I’m not exactly celebrating but it’s good to just make that mental note that a significant amount of time has passed! Smile

But now of course it’s that super duper time of the week again; I may sound like I’m being sarcastic but I seriously look forward to Wednesday’s every week! What I Ate Wednesday Time!

In case you missed it yesterday I shared a little insight in to my weekly grocery shopping habits and my take on meal planning!

Over the past week I’ve been making use of some new ingredients that I received from Swanson HealthJustins Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, Artisana Coconut Butter and Maranatha No Stir Almond Butter.

All items I’ve been dying to get my hands on for quite some time and Swanson kindly let me try out their service all the way from Ireland; very much appreciated! Amazing service, delivery in a week from the US, the three jarred items were individually wrapped and perfectly snug in straight from the shelf condition. I was like a child at Christmas!

Needless to say I had my first coconut butter topped smoothie the next morning! A pumpkin smoothie…thick and heart, topped with melted coconut butter, pecans and desiccated coconut. (Of course I dug straight in to the Justin’s Hazelnut Almond Butter…it’s a chocolate nut butter lovers dream come true!!!)

The coconut butter formed an incredibly crisp shell which I managed to nibble on throughout the big bowlful of smoothie. I will be needing more jars of this in the near future, it’s incredible! Healthy Diva doesn’t lie! Smile

With another humungous tray full of cherries at hand I decided to try my hand at another buckwheat breakfast pudding variation…

Cherry Coconut no less! Recipe shall be up for this one on Friday!

It was jam packed full of cherries, topped with almond butter and drowned in almond milk. Lip smacking good!

Round three went to some super easy sweet potato falafel…a super simple incredibly tasty plateful…

Drizzled with a tahini dressing…you just know it is going to be magical. I’ll be posting this one tomorrow evening. You’re goana love it! I just love how cute the little balls look (fyi: they reheated perfectly and would make for an incredible easy convenient packed lunch!)

Another bucket load of cherries were consumed in the middle before I hit up meal number 4 of the day.

Yet another burger! A completely different spin on the vegan burger…think curried cauliflower and coconut with new binder! I’ll stick the recipe up this evening! (make sure to check back later on today if you fancy something new sandwiched in your bun this evening!)

Before bed I deviated from my usual snack and opted for more cherries (I’m a woman on a mission to eat the lot before they go off!) and a slice of my latest creation!

All I’ll say is coconut flour…recipe shall be up Friday evening!

Summer staples….clearly cherries! God I’m going to miss them!

What fruit or vegetable are you going to miss most from the summer season? [/donotprint]

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  1. What an amazing bunch of eats you had this week! My heart beats especially for the pumpkin smoothie topped with coconut butter and the buckwheat breakfast pudding, which is also one of my current favorites. Also I cannot wait for the burger and bread recipe to come up – they both look like a healthy but delish savory treat.

  2. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad I discovered your blog. I’ve never had sweet potato falafel but it looks amazing! 🙂

  3. I am missing words to describe how beautiful and delicious those meals look! I am so intrigued to try EVER SINGLE DISH you ate yesterday! so want to know whats in your smoothie and burger! yum!

  4. Happy Blogiversary Michelle! How exciting and you should be so very proud of all the amazing stuff you have accomplished on your blog 🙂 Your meals just always make my mouth water, the one with the coconut butter spread all over it looks the best! Looking forward to another winning recipe from you!

  5. The healthy diva speaks the truth!

    I am so glad you love it! SERIOUSLY can you teach me how to take amazing photos like you?! Your photos rock! What camera do you use?!

    You come to my house, I will make us smoothies, and you can teach me! <3

    1. I’m actually looking in to doing a course, even a one day thing if I can! I use a Canon EOS1100D – love it!
      You’re an amazing smoothie maker! You definitely don’t need me!

  6. Mmm all of your recipes are so creative! I can’t wait to try using the coconut butter as a smoothie shell. I also am loving the look of those sweet potato falafel! And the burger! Coming back tomorrow to check out the recipe:) By the way, what kind of camera do you use? I’m so jealous of your pics!;)

  7. This is just a random comment, but I’ve been stalking your blog a bit the past few months and every time I see your side picture I am reminded by how much you look like Ashley Hebert from the Bachelor/ette! I have no idea if you watch the show, but this is a compliment, because you are both gorgeous. =) Have a great day!