The joys of new ingredients

With an abundance of new flours and nut butters to play around with I’ve been in my element cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I’ve some tweaking to do but luckily enough I had some experimental success yesterday and have some fantastic eats to share as result!

Peas and Crayons

Before I go on…be sure to check out my post from Sunday – “One gallon pesticides a year”. It’s a look in to Organic Food, the worst culprits for pesticides and why I choose as much Organic produce as possible!

I also posted a new full body circuit workout yesterday…if anyone fancies getting their sweat on!

No better way to make good use of new flours…

Than to whip up pancakes! I missed out over the weekend as I back in the classroom both days with the Institute of Nutritional Therapy; lots of fun and interesting bits to share. I’ll be doing a post later in the week after I catch up on additional reading!

Quinoa and Coconut Flour pancakes…I had thought pancakes couldn’t get any better, clearly I was wrong! Some of the best yet! Recipe will be up first thing tomorrow morning! Topped with chia seeds – they stick magically when you spread your nut butter.

I haven’t been snacking as much lately, my meals have been filling me wonderfully. Pancakes never fail to tide me over until lunchtime!

Lunch was something new and completely different….

A deep dish cauliflower socca topped with grilled peaches and zucchini noodles! 100% delicious and satisfying on all counts!

Super simple! I’ll have the recipe up tomorrow evening.

And then came the lasagne to beat all lasagne’s..

The ultimate in vegan cheesiness! Mushroom Pumpkin lasagne…the recipe for which you’ll be delighted to hear was posted yesterday!

And last but not least..

One of the best banana breads yet! Amaranth flour and walnuts made this an extra special treat!

The flavours are rich, deep, and incredibly nutty…big thick slices of banana goodness! I’ll have the recipe up first thing Friday morning!

Amaranth flour…I am in love! So many new ingredients and not enough time in the day to make the recipe idea that I have lingering between my two ears!

It’s a question I’ve probably asked before but sure it’s an important question…what’s your favourite type of banana bread?

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  1. I think I actually want to eat every thing here. Your pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the look of that lasagne. Happy Wednesday!

  2. You have so may recipes here. Looking forward to them all. And love that the lasagne has already been posted. Yay!

    My favorite type of banana bread is just plain. No nuts. No cinnamon. A good crust, but moist on the inside. I have yet to find one with flours I can use that actually tastes like good, old-fashioned banana bread. I hope yours is the one! 🙂 *No pressure*