Shout Out & Time to Go to Hell and Back!

I’m a few days late with the sponsor shout out but it’s been a busy week; that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! (If I’m honest I had sort of lost track of time….how are we almost a week in to October already?!) It only really hit me that we most definitely well and truly over the Summer when I went for a walk on Thursday evening.

Even my latest North Face Splurge couldn’t keep the chill out! (Shopping online is just way too easy…)

Ireland’s Raw Kitchen who I had the pleasure of meeting face to face at Rude Health are up on the blog again this month. They have an amazing array of products, all incredible tempting, reasonable priced and they’re all ethically sourced and organic!

From wheatgrass powder, cacao paste, maca powder, and banana powder…they have it all and a whole lot more! I’m currently making my way through two jumbo bags of they’re cacao nibs and chia seeds! They’re site is a healthy foodies dream!

The Happy Heart Course is a new addition which didn’t get an official mention last month. It’s a practical four week course designed to support you in lowering your cholesterol naturally. No medication, no gimmick’s, just a healthy whole food diet. The course includes over 50 video recipes, meal plans, educational videos and downloadable topics as well as providing an exclusive forum where you can check it others on the course, exchange ideas and share your progress!

Steve and Dave, well known in Ireland, are twins with a great enthusiasm for live, love, and clean healthy (and tasty) living! The videos throughout are as entertaining as they are informative; they’re positive energy and encouragement is a recipe for success all on it’s own!

Here’s they’re latest video! (They also run The Happy Pear, a wholefood store and restaurant, and this is one of they’re weekly videos highlighting what’s fantastically yummy at the moment!)

The Happy Pear Dudes!

It’s really comprehensive, easy to follow and provides you with a constructive way to take control of your health all in your own time from the comfort of your own home. Definitely worth checking it out!

And last but not least is a new blogger, Angelica who recently set up Well Girl.  The blog documents her day to day life as young mom and wife from sunny California. She has the most gorgeous little girl, Mila, now just 9 months old. Super cute!

From wonderful healthy easy eats, to fantastic workouts, Angel’s blog provides a glimpse in the world of a self confessed shopaholic, as she balances looking after herself, maintaining balance, being a wonderful and dedicated mum, all with great enthusiasm. Great inspiration for any fellow newbie mums out their or anyone interested in discovering a fun new workout or seeking out something simple and tasty to prepare for dinner!

You can follow her on Twitter @thewellgirl1 ! Smile

And now folks I have to go to Hell and Back!  10 foot walls, barbed wire, river crossing, barbed wire and electric fences…it’s not your average 10k! My first outdoor race, I’m looking forward to it…sort of! I’m just hoping I come out of it with as few cuts and bruises as possible!!! Wish me luck!

I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow! I’m not sure if many if any pics will be taken, I imagine taking a camera to hell and back quite literally wouldn’t really be in its best interest!

Sunday morning pancakes will have to wait until tomorrow!

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