I’m in a cookbook!

Not my own cookbook but a cookbook nonetheless!

Goodall’s have just produced a cookbook titled the “Modern Irish Cookbook” which includes 50 fantastic recipes inspired by traditional Irish cooking and ingredients…with the odd twist.

I submitted an entry and was chosen to be featured. I was completely overwhelmed to have been chosen and delighted to think that a vegan spin on a classic was included in the book!

I’m most definitely part of a minority in Ireland and people are in still slightly taken a back when I tell them I’m vegan. When asked what on earth do I eat I usually just direct them to my recipage; it’s easier than explaining when I’m not in the mood for the questioning and battling of assumptions! Smile

To have one of my recipes published in something so, for want of a better description, Irish…it feels amazing and like one little win for those of us living off the power of plant food and loving every minute of it!

The profits from the book will be split between two great food charities – Cork Penny Dinners & Dublin Food Bank. You can download the eBook for just €2.99 or order a hard copy for €12.99 from by emailing info@goodalls.ie with your name, address, preferred method of payment and number of books required.

The recipe is one which I haven’t posted on the blog and it’s one which is well worth paying such a small price for! There’s a whole host of other Irish classics so for anyone interested in finding out more about Irish cooking it’s definitely worth purchasing!

A little sneak peak on what you could be missing out on….

Can you spot me?…

I unfortunately missed out on the amazing book launch which was held on Thursday afternoon as well as the opportunity to meet all of the other Irish bloggers who were chosen. Though I think an Irish blogger meet up is well over due…..time to get my organising hat on me thinks!

Thanks again to Goodall’s, a fantastic idea, for a great cause and it’s truly an honour to have been included!

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  1. Yay, congratulations, Michelle! They’d have been stupid not to feature you and your awesome recipe(s)! I’m sure (and hope) that o
    ne day you’ll have your own cookbook!