Abs Blast

Stopping by with a little quickie workout!

I tend do a lot of core work and incorporate exercises which help strengthen my core in all my workouts. Free weight or even body weight exercises like squats, lunges, and every variation, skipping, not forgetting burpees, and anything that requires you to stabilise the body and balance work the core muscles. The more you focus on engaging the core the more they will be put to good use.

Rather than doing lengthy amounts of mind numbing sit ups that to be honest I don’t feel prove overly beneficial (my opinion only, each to their own!) I like to do quick 15 minute ab sessions pre or post run or spinning class to give my abs a little extra blast!

The following workout can be completed as a circuit or as super sets, which ever you fancy or works best for you! I tend to go the super set route with abs but really it depends on my mood and the time I have to play around with! Smile

What are your favourite ab working exercises?

Plank princess or sit up queen?

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