My Top Ten Must Have Christmas Gift Ideas

I’m a little behind the gift idea posts and this one is sure to be far less elaborate than some of the amazing one’s I’ve seen in recent days but here are my top ten must have Christmas gift ideas…some of which I own, some I’d like more of and some which I’d like to be made mine…hint hint to anyone who’s reading Smile

1. Le Creuset Cocotte

Mini Oval Cocotte

One of my all time favourite individual baking dishes, ideal for making instant bakes, baked oats for one or simply serving up your favourite side or mac and cheese in. They’re incredibly pretty! I have a purple one which my mum and dad picked up for me in a outlet store on their return from a weekend away! Very much appreciated.

This is one item I wouldn’t mind having more of. There are just so many gorgeous bright vibrant colours to choose from!

2. Stainless Steel Straws!

I originally saw these over at Carrots n Cake and have failed to find any on Irish shores. As a big straw fan – anything to prevent teeth staining Smile; these are so much more environmentally friendly. You could take one or two of them on your travels, the ulitmate in handiness if you ask me; bringing along plastic straws would just be less acceptable!

3. SunButter!

For all the nut butter devotees out there, it’s usually a toss up between almond and peanut butter, but if you haven’t tried SunButter you haven’t lived! I have one full jar and half empty one on the go at the moment. It’s my all time favourite nut/seed butter, incredibly creamy, rich, spreads wonderfully and melts like magic in when dropped on top of your oats.

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Organic Unsweetened

I’ve actually only tried the Organic SunButter and highly recommend it.

4. Gordon Ramsey 3 in 1 handblender

My FAVOURITE kitchen gadget! I couldn’t live without it! It’s incredibly powerful and versatile, ideal for smoothies, sauces, pesto’s, finely chopping veg. or nuts, making super smooth pancake batter and the mini chopping bowl works wonders when it comes to making banana soft serve! It’s so much stronger than the previous handblender I have and the chopping bowl has more power than our large food processor.

The detachable arm is a god send making it incredibly easy to keep clean too.

5. A vegan friendly leather handbag

An Irish designer, Lorna Burton, has put together an incredible range of handbags and her Coral Lei brand is becoming quite well established in Ireland

I want them all! Beautifully designed, materials ethically sourced, they’re functional, pretty and a must for the vegan lady in your life.

I would personally love the large clutch style handbag – the Alexa!

Though you can never go wrong with a good black leather bag. A classic – the kit!

6. An Ice Breaker Layer

A must for the chilly days, inside or outside the house, a good base layer is a great addition to the winter wardrobe. Ideal for layering up – as the name suggests- for a winter’s day hike or run, I’m in need of a new one Smile

Icebreaker Women's BF200 Oasis Crewe

I really like these Ice Breaker ones, nice fit and lovely feminine colours to choose from. Pure Merino wool, doesn’t get much more luxurious and warming! Sure fire way to keep out the chill.

7. Barts Hats!!!!

I’m a big fan of warm woolly hats this time of year. Once your head is warm the rest of you has far less to contend with. Even if you’re stuck wearing a t-shirt, a warm wholly hat instantly provides a sense of cosiness. I’ve been known to wear a hat around the house; the added bonus being they hide a multitude…bad hair days or simply lazy hair days when you choose to hold off on the hair washing.

Barts is my favourite hat brand…random perhaps, but I struck gold with two finds this year that I literally have been alternating on my head most days Smile

Barts Kid's Trapper Beanie

I also have this bright headband which I love; it’s fleece lined!

Barts Chani Beanie

Wouldn’t mind adding one of these classics to my collection.

8. Lululemon Gear

I’m an absolute fanatic which would be incredibly more costly if there was a Lululemon in Ireland! The shipping to Ireland is less than ideal…but totally worth it for a few prize pieces! There is nothing that compares!

Love the thumbholes and the bottoms are amazing perfectly snug bootie lifting fit! Smile

9. My favourite nail polish! Totally chip resistant!

For me to sing the praises of a nail polish is quite something; aside from a Shellac manicure nail polish tends to remain un chipped on these cooking loving fingertips for no more than a matter of hours! Seen as chipped nail polish is one my pet hates it ends up either getting 3+ coats over the course of the day or gets removed before the day is out.

These nail polishes from Bourjois are amazing! They literally dry in a couple of seconds and I’ve lasted 3 full days without a chip in sight! They totally live up to the “enamel” description. A great stocking filler or a wee treat for yourself amongst the gift buying.

10. Last but not least….IMAGE Skincare!

I was introduced to the Ageless Skincare range having gone for a glycolic peel and microdermabrasion about a year and half ago. My skin had been giving me no end of bother with weekly eruptions that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. Along with dietary changes (removing wheat and dairy), the Ageless facial wash which contains glycolic acid and the daily defence moisturiser are my two staple skin care products. It took a while for my skin to get use to the strength of the face wash but I haven’t looked back since starting to use it. I also have the total resurfacing mask which I use 1-2 times a week.

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Anything catch your eye from above?

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    1. I know, I love that they’re so unique in how they’re produced; plus the girl that designs them was a few years ahead of me in the same school and she’s so nice too!

  1. i have been loving the once again brand organic sunflower butter, but just bought some sunflower seeds to try my hand at home made. i love love love thumbholes in shirts, but have never seen a lulu lemon store. if i did though, one of their jackets with the thumbholes might find its way onto my credit card… the only thing i can really think of that i’d like for my christmas list is a subscription to vegnews, and i already treated myself to that over the summer 🙂