It’s that Take Away time of the week

I’ve never been mad in to takeaways though if I was going to partake or maybe succumb is a better turn of phrase, to the lure of it’s convenience I would go down the pizza route in the past; more often than not after a late not, be it in the early hours of the morning or the following day.

This time of year some of us foodies are spending a hell of a lot of time in the kitchen; nothing unusual there I guess! But occassionally when you fancy a break, want a night in, would rather not have dishes to clean up and leftovers just don’t seem appealing a take away is a potential option!

Pizza from a takeaway has been off the cards seen as the wheat and gluten laden bases were not welcomed by my tummy; going dairy free is easy enough, you just opt for no cheese Smile

Turns out Dominos officially have a gluten free base on offer! So should the urge over take me I can now indulge in an old favourite without having to suffer the belly bloating consequences later!

The gluten free base was officially launched at the end of November and has been approved/accredited by Coeliac UK. It’s available across the UK and Ireland for both delivery and collection orders.

Usually when you go down the special dietary route, namely in supermarkets you end up being charge a premium, Dominos are however charging the same price for the gluten free base as the standard; and rightly so! Not only is the base gluten free it’s also 100% dairy free so for any other vegan’s out there, Ireland or UK based or intending to travel to these parts any time soon, at least you know Domino’s has an option.

I’m yet to try the pizza base myself but I’ve been told that the base came about after rigorous testing as they wanted to ensure that it met the high standards they have for their other pizzas.

Sarah Sleet, Coeliac UK chief executive, said, “We know that out safely is a top concern for people with coeliac disease, who must follow a strict gluten free diet for life….Domino’s is recognising the importance of catering for this market.”

One worry/concern/query I did have was with regards to how and where the base is prepared and the controls around it. It’s actually made in a dedicated central production facility, stored and sealed before use. All staff members have been trained according to Domino’s, however all pizzas are cooked in the same oven. They have carried out testing and the conclusion was that it doesn’t present a risk.

Many people who aren’t coeliac have a wheat or gluten intolerance and choose to avoid it in order to alleviate symptoms. I’m sure the gluten free base will be received with welcome arms. I personally am delighted to see such a large brand recognising the importance of meeting the needs of people with dietary restrictions – next up has to be the dairy free cheese option!

For more information on Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza click here.

Does your local take away/pizzeria have options for people following a gluten/dairy free diet? Have you tried the new gluten free base from Domino’s? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I want to try it but for the price (10$) I go to a restaurant in Peabody MA called Burtons Grill. They use HIGH STANDARDS to ensure no contamination like using different plates and cookie wear. They make pizza/ flatbread that are so good and the one I like is $12. 🙂

  2. no pizza places around here have a gluten free option as far as i know, but an italian restaurant i actually used to work at offers a non dairy cheese for their pizza. a lot of those actually still contain casein though, i dunno what kind they use. havent been there in ages! being vegan makes it very difficult to eat out in my opinion. i went to my boyfriend’s company party last night and the only thing i could eat was a dry salad.