Two weeks later

[donotprint] With last Wednesday being Stephen’s/Boxing Day I skipped out on the What I Ate Wednesday fun…

I hadn’t even thought it would be taking place but having checked back Jenn had the whole thing going in full swing with a Christmas special! Seen as I didn’t take pretty much any photos of Christmas Day I wouldn’t of had much to share!

This week however I have some amazing eats! Smile  Happy belated New Years btw! Check out my post from Monday for my thoughts on New Years resolutions and some self promises I’ve made for the month of January.

Prepared the night before for ultimate grab and dress up handiness… peanut butter and jelly baked oats! Lots of fresh raspberries went in to the mix and exploded with incredible raspberry infusing juicy-ness!

I’ll have the must have recipe up tomorrow morning first thing I promise!

For lunch I went with a simple and fresh massaged kale and blood orange salad. I couldn’t be more delighted that blood oranges are back and I’m making the most of them while they’re available!.

Complete with roasted cranberries, almonds and sweet fruity dressing. I’ll have the recipe/instructions for this one up tomorrow evening.

For dinner I had quite the treat. It was positively spectacular! A vegan spelt pizza with pumpkin sauce.

The base was INCREDIBLE! When it comes to bread be it buns or pizza bases or a whole loaf, sometimes they just turn out more spectacular than you imagined they might. Recipe will be up Friday evening; this pizza is definitely worth the wait.

And for an evening snack I had my latest scone creation…which you’ll be delighted to hear I actually posted yesterday!

Seen as a I had the pumpkin open, my last can of pumpkin puree might I add (an order has been placed with iHerb for a top up!) I whipped up a batch of vegan pumpkin scones. Wowsers! They are definitely up there with the cranberry chocolate orange in terms of awesomeness! I had hunky scone topped with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, chopped banana on the side. Perfect night time snack!

Between the pizza and the scones….and the oats…yep I couldn’t possibly pick a winning meal! Incredible day of food! Smile Also keep your eyes peeled later in the week for a new Nutrition post!

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  1. Happy New Year, Michelle! I’m with you on the resolutions: I’ll be making smaller month every month instead of big ones for the whole year.

    As usual, all of your dishes look fantastic. The Kale salad sounds really intriguing – and I’m not a salad person at all :).

  2. Mmm, that oat bake looks picture perfect! But of course, I’m always drooling over your amazing pictures! Good call on the pumpkin sauce for the pizza! I’ve done that before but forgot how much I loved it! But those scones! Now THAT I have to check out! 😀

    Happy New Year gorgeous!