Classic firm favourites

[donotprint] I have quite the mix of delicious eats to share from yesterday…it was another Tuesday filled with wonderful food.

Of course the perfect way to make up for it being my least favourite day of the week – check out yesterday’s post to see what I mean!

Also make sure to check out my post from Monday if you missed it covering my top ten power foods to incorporate in to your diet and world this year!

It’s What I Ate Wednesday Time! Thanks to Jenn as always for hosting!

Now that I’m back in pumpkin I started the day with some vegan pumpkin French toast. Seriously one of the best French toast’s I’ve made to date and I’ll have the recipe up first thing tomorrow for you.

It’s up there with the pumpkin protein pancakes I posted on Saturday….you need them in your life! Smile

Next up was the last of the semi-festive recipes…we’re well and truly past the Christmas and holiday season but the last few lingering cranberries were calling to be put to good use.

A simple roasted Brussel cranberry and pearl barley dish. Recipe coming tomorrow.

I was full to the brim with no need for snackage yesterday which left me with plenty of room to fill up with this tempeh bolognese (which was actually round two leaving me with the opportunity to actually put the recipe up for you yesterday!)

Delicious and so incredibly simple…round three is in sight.

I whipped up a new batch of brownies using some silken tofu and devoured one post dinner/pre bed with a bowlful of fresh fruit. They are damn good!

I’ll stick the recipe up first thing Friday in perfect time for some weekend baking.

Along with an amazing Super Spin class in the am, grocery shopping with mum and an afternoon meeting, it was a jam packed day. After I get through some work today I have to meet with a new client before heading to get my nails done with my mum and little niece – she’s getting the princess treatment. I won a 100 euro voucher for my favourite salon last week so it’s on me Smile

Happy Wednesday folks!

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  1. Okay, now I seriously want to have you cook for me for a day :D.

    What a coincidence I had pearley barley (“risotto”) yesterday, too. Having leftover fresh cranberries from the ones I bought to try your cranberry sauce – which is delish! – I think I’ll give the brussels sprouts dish a try!

    Have fun at your manicure date!

  2. Have fun! I think I achieved vegan italian nirvana last night while eating that bolognese! I paired w a glass of pinot noir–my sister finally turned down the tv and was like, “DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?” Apparently I was making little satisfaction moans. Sorrynotsorry!
    Have SO much fun today!

  3. Oh my gosh, everything looks simply incredible. I can’t wait for all of the recipes, especially that French toast! Being allergic to eggs usually means French toast is out for me, so I’m interested in your recipe!

  4. I am super excited for you to post the brownie recipe. I have been wanting to try baking with tofu and this sounds like the perfect recipe to use. Plus, I think it is fun to make things with tofu and amaze non-vegetarians/vegans with how good it tastes! 😉