Sunday Surge Sunrise Workout

I don’t always stop buy of a Sunday but seen as I was off work yesterday I had a little extra time on my hands to catch up. I had a some special shopping to do as well as it’s my mum’s 50th birthday this coming Wednesday and my little nephew’s first on Saturday! It should be a fun week!

My mum headed off with her sister’s yesterday for a night away, she’s off to Paris in February and then I hope to treat her a little on her actual birthday! I love other people’s birthday’s, I get so excited about giving gifts that they’ll hopefully love! Eek!

Right so back to it! Rather than posting a recipe today I’ve decided to hit you with a workout on what actually is my rest day. Over Christmas I was taking 2 rest days a week but I’m back to one and have to say really appreciating it this morning. I’m meeting with another client this afternoon (the nutritional counselling has kicked off and I’m loving it!) and I spent the early hours of this morning get some meals organised for the next couple of days. I love getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday, none of this lying in bed business…it’s too much of an ideal opportunity to get yourself ready for the week ahead. I love nothing more than getting to Sunday afternoon with that triumphant feeling that allows you to relax safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your piece for the day. There is also a round of pancakes on the agenda before I head out!

This is quick circuit workout, the idea being to get through it maintaining proper form in as quick a time as possible. A little stretching and then get straight in to it upon rising this morning, or give it a go this afternoon if you get a sudden surge of energy Smile

I’m a big fan of Burpee’s and love the little added challenge that Competition/Crossfit Burpee’s bring – here’s a link to see how they’re done properly.

Enjoy and I hope you all have an amazing Sunday!

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  1. Love this! Been keeping an eye out for new workouts. I have a love/hate relationship with burpees, too! I think it’s about 90% hate, 10% love. 😉