Mango and Cauliflower Loving

[donotprint] Another week, the half way mark already and officially the last week of January…

Thing’s I’m looking forward to in February…

  • Slightly brighter evenings
  • A little rise in day time temperatures
  • Pancake Tuesday!
  • Eating lots more mango and cauliflower Smile

I’m on a serious mango and cauliflower love train at the moment which this week’s What I Ate Wednesday eats/new recipes reflect!

Before I share the deliciousness in case you missed it I posted a supplement post on Saturday, my thoughts, what I take, why and the benefits I’ve experienced as a result.

So remember the pear and blueberry baked pancake last week? Well I created something equally as divine, even more fragrant and fruitier!

Mango and strawberry with a hint of coconut! Awesome! The recipe is a little different to the previous creation, just as light fluffy and wonderful! Recipe will be up tomorrow morning first thing!

For lunch I had my first ever cauliflower crust pizza! I hadn’t really bought in to the whole idea, as much as I love cauliflower, I also love my own homemade spelt pizza bases! I decided to give it a little whirl, vegan and gluten free style and it turnout out incredibly well.

I was completely taken aback by how amazing it tasted. From the texture, to the structure, I was in love at first bite. it shall be the first of many. My cauliflower pizza for one will be up tomorrow evening.

Still on the healthy fast food buzz I made the most amazing, dare I say perfect veggie burger and spelt burger bun I’ve ever made. Packed full of a wonderful array of flavours and textures, delicious and nutritious.

The homemade bun, though made using my usual recipe, came out even more beautifully than usual. Yeast can be a bit temperamental at times, but on this occasion it decided to be on my side. Recipe for my perfect burger will be up Friday.

Before I hit the hay I had one of my mango strawberry coconut muffins – which you’ll be delighted to hear I posted the recipe for yesterday.

These muffins really are beauties! I had one along with a dollop of cashew butter and side of plain soy yoghurt. The perfect bed time snack.

I’ve had a few people ask me would I do a Q & A post, answering questions about myself, blogging and whatever else readers might be interested in. Of course I’d love to! So if anyone has any questions submit them via the contact form or email them in to and when I’ve had enough through I’ll follow up with a post answering all that I can!

Happy Wednesday folks!

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  1. Cauliflower is an all-star vegeatable for sure and one I used to underrate. Your pizza looks phenomenal and we all know what I’m thinking about baked goods containing coconut flour 🙂 …

  2. Everything looks so beautiful and delicious!
    For a while now I’ve been thinking about trying the cauliflower pizza crust. It’s been getting so many great reviews on food blogs. From the look of your pics, it seems to work really well as a crust. Can’t wait to check out your recipe!
    Happy WIAW! xx