1000 Rep Challenge!

[donotprint]Before going to the gym in the mornings I’ll scribble down what workout I’m going to attack.

More often than not they’re made up time challenges be it based on a certain amount of reps or AMRAP in a certain amount of time. I’m a big fan of Zuzana’s workouts and look forward to her posting a new one every week on her new site. It’s nice sometimes to mix it up a little and create something of you’re own.

Inspired by Julie @PBFingers and Bodyrock’s 1000 Rep Challenges I got to scribbling down one of my own. I went down the middle road and rather than going for lots of rounds or a major 50 reps in one fell run through I split it up in two rounds of 20 exercises with 25 reps.

I managed to complete it on yesterday after a 12 km run…somehow I found the energy and was done and dusted in just over 30 minutes with the occasionally leg and arm shake to keep me moving in between Smile

Here are a few links for the exercise you might not be familiar with!

Do you create your own workouts or follow a program?

Link me up to any good workouts you’ve found! [/donotprint]

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  1. Do you have a link to a video of someone demonstrating a weighted leg lift? I’m not familiar with that exercise. . .

  2. Right…am about to try this~ will get back to you with my feedback…..if I can type…..and if I’m still not doing it in 2 hours time !

    1. done……feeling whacked now later in the day! Took 37 mins but used some lighter weights for some exercises. Great workout Michelle 🙂