Back to Basics with New Ingredients

[donotprint] Yesterday was quite the day of amazing eats with relatively basic ingredients and a twist of newness at every opportunity!

But first if you missed out on My Healthy Swaps post be sure to check it out! Simple ways to improve your diet.

Now it’s What I Ate Wednesday Time!

I hadn’t had French toast in what seemed like forever so I whipped out two slices of my cinnamon raisin and walnut spelt bread from the freezer and decided to try something new; aside from the huge dollop of Barney Butter which I finally got my hands on – more on that tomorrow! Smile

I used a new silken tofu based batter for the French toast which worked a treat! Recipe coming your way tomorrow morning!

Next up was one of my favourite simple salad combos topped with a two dollops of homemade hummus!

With a side of pumpkin cornbread! Salad components and hummus recipes will be posted tomorrow. Man I forgot how much I love hummus and it’s so incredibly easy to make – made even easier and hell of a lot tastier if you have some drippy tahini at hand!

Then for dinner I whipped up a simple miso tahini sauce and mixed it up with a whole load of roasted sweet potatoes and some of my favourite mushrooms. It doesn’t get much more basic…or tasty in my mind!

Seriously sweet potatoes are totally rocking my world and I’m totally in love with miso! – check out yesterday’s Tofu Edamame Miso Mixed Rice Salad! Smile

I had quite the treat before bed. Classic carrot cake muffins but with almond meal in the mix and topped with coconut whip!

Coconut whip…my oh my I see it topping a whole lot more muffins and cakes in the near future! Recipe coming your way Friday morning just in time for the weekend.

Super soft not overly sweet carrot cake muffins at their best.

Classics with twists and whole load of new ingredients tossed in for good measure. I also had a big bowl of melon and mango with soy yoghurt, cinnamon and SunButter before bed. Never gets old.

Fresh fruit and veggies at every turn!

What new ingredient have you been loving lately? [/donotprint]

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  1. Your salad is honestly picture perfect and the hummus completes that beautiful image 🙂 I am looking forward to the recipes, I have never tried making my own hummus before! Madness I know 😉
    Oh and heck yes to Barney Butter, definitely one of my favorites of the nut butters out there!

  2. I was just telling myself the other day that it has been TOO long since I’ve made some French toast! I used to make it all the time…that and oats, but lately I’ve been whipping up so many pancakes that I’ve forgotten how much I love other things for breakfast as well!

    Your salad look amazing! I LOVE adding sweet blueberries to an otherwise savory salad…gotta love that “pop” of flavor! And SO good with a little honey mustard drizzled on top! Mmm!