Green in my muffins

I almost typed… “the last week of March”….and then realised we have another one to go Smile

That said it’s another month that is flying by right beneath my nose without even a twitch.

Before I get to this week’s What I Ate Wednesday Eats it’s a very special persons 50th Birthday today!

My wonderfully Dad! We argue quite a lot occasionally, but it’s only because we’re so similar. No matter what he’s been there and continues to be there for me and all my family through thick and thin. Dependable, loveable, thoughtful, kind, generous, he never fails to pick me up out of a predicament, always a hug to offer and a practical solution to whatever problem I might face. He truly is a gem, albeit a little argumentative…I’d be lost without him in my life! A true role model setting high standards and subsequent expectations for whatever man enters my life, intelligent, inspirational and rock steady, Happy Birthday Dad!!! Love you with all my heart!

And now to eats!

Peas and Crayons

I started my day with a slurp of the good stuff…Apple Cider Vinegar in case you missed my post on Monday!

Followed by a long awaited new instant bake. Blackberry, Apple, Oat…

Quick, easy and double the size of any good muffin topped with a heap of SunButter! Recipe will be up tomorrow morning.

Lunch was whipped together in no time thanks to some leftover rice and whole load of sprouted beans and shoots.

Incredibly simply, satisfying and packed full of living goodness. One of my favourite salads; recipe/instructions will be up tomorrow evening! Another delicious way to make use of miso!

Dinner was only gorgeous! Yet more rice mixed with pretty petis pois serving as a bed for a Tofu Tikka Curry…

I totally licked that plate clean and not a grain of rice went astray! Recipe will be up Friday evening!

Having gotten my baking on on Monday evening I dug in to one of these super duper zucchini muffins!

Lemon, lime and coconut infused…heavenly I tell you! Recipe will be up Friday morning just in time for the weekend! The zucchini totally counts as a semi portion of greens for the day right?! Topped with cashew butter these are 100% awesome (it’s also been recently brought to my attention I’m using the word “awesome” far to often…not that it’s going to stop me).

Be sure to check out my super soft strawberry yoghurt coconut vanilla scones in the meantime if you have a hankering for a bit of baking.

What’s your currently favourite descriptive word to describe something… “awesome” ?!

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  1. Did you read my mind? I’ve been eyeing all of these pretty and interesting sprouted beans at my health food supermarket for weeks – or months? – wanting to prepare a meal with them. I’m curious to see your recipe tomorrow!
    Awesome must honestly be my most-used adjective, too – I’m using it to describe just about everything. It’s a good thing if there’s that much awesomeness in one’s life, right?!

  2. I just found this from WIAW and I love this post and your blog! I love the mix of healthy and delicious and all you recipes! Your pictures are also quite beautiful! You have a new follower here! 🙂