Spring Chicken

How was everyone’s Easter?

I feeling much more in the Spring mindset having passed the Easter milestone! Some cleaning has been done, painted my nails a nice bright colour and I’ve officially started nibbling on some Spring inspired eats..

I’m giving my workouts a bit of a shake up too!

When I originally joined the gym just over a year ago and started getting more in to training, if you could call it that, I’d repeatedly do the same workout over and over again. Now I love nothing more than having something new to challenge me each and every day. Of course I have my favourite moves, kettle bell swings are the exercise of the moment Smile , but I like to mix it up with different combinations and rep challenges, keeping me on my toes!

I’ve cut back the running to twice a week, two longish runs between 10-12km with Spinning classes in between and a few minutes HIIT here and there along with my own circuit and rep challenges.

I’d decided to face the stationary bike for the first time in…pretty much forever late last week! For someone who’s a HUGE fan of spinning, the stationary bike couldn’t be any less appealing, and frankly any more daunting. All I could foresee was boredom and lack lustre workout that would unlikely lead to any sense of achievement or release of those addictive endorphins.

I scribbled down a little resistance climb to tackle and ended up combining it with a HIIT treadmills workout…with some bodyweight exercises in between, this workout has it all! HIIT, plenty of resistance/endurance..it’s quite the challenge! The bike climb rocked and got me pumping sweat way beyond what I anticipated. Be warned, unless you have rock solid super duper strong legs you will feel the burn with this one!

What machine or form of cardio do you avoid like the plague?

Overcome that mental block, you might just surprise yourself, I know I did!

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  1. I have been going to the gym for years but have never been on a treadmill. They freak me out! I prefer to go for a run outside and use the other machines when I go to the gym:)