Another year older

It’s the last time I’ll mention it but I’m officially 25…a whole 1/4 of a century; nice little reminder from my bestie when I said 25 was no big deal and merely a means of me moving on the next age bracket tick box when filling out forms Smile

What does 25 mean for my eats? Not a whole lot to be honest other than continuing to experiment, try new combinations and flavours and perhaps be more mature and accepting of my recipe failures! Though I’m not quite sure it’s something I’ll ever become quite accustomed to.

Funny age related quip for the day…a woman asked me in the gym the other day were my teeth my own! Now I know I’m 25 now but surely I don’t look THAT old! Turns out she was merely admiring how straight and white they are so I left the random conversation with my head held high and a smile on my face. Those little unexpected compliments always work their magic on me.

Right so back to the task at hand…What I Ate Wednesday!!!

Yesterday started with a Vanilla Chai Smoothie! One of my favourite teas combined with my go to smoothie ingredients.

Creamy, sweet and super duper chilled! Recipe will be up first thing tomorrow.

Followed by another amazing plate of crepes – photo from Sunday, recipe posted yesterday, though yesterday’s looked just as pretty Smile

I’ve been splurging to the extreme on berries lately, they’re just totally irresistible; I find it as hard to walk past them as a chocolate addict walking down the sweet aisle…!

For lunch I had amazing deconstructed sushi bowl! I recently made my own vegetarian sushi and with a craving for the ingredients without the rolling action I decided to through it all in a bowl!

Delicious, packed full of flavour, wonderful textures and as pretty as a rainbow.

Not a snack to be had, merely because it simply wasn’t needed. Dinner came in the form of an awesome bowl of pasta…topped with thick and creamy avocado pesto sauce, lots of sundried tomatoes and zucchini noodles…

Topped with a sprinkling of basil and lemon zest. Some simple and so fresh! Recipe will be up on Friday!

Also coming your way Friday is this amazing oat flour laden loaf!

Date and orange to be precise. That banana oat carob bread totally won me over last week, I couldn’t wait to get baking with the good stuff once again!

Spread with almond butter it was snack perfection served up with a side of fresh pineapple topped with soy yoghurt…the only semi predictable part of my daily eats.

Happy Wednesday folks!

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  1. Oh my, that encounter you had at the gym made me laugh. Judging from your profile picture you really do have great teeth so it was a well-deserved compliment in distiguish. How do you keep them that white and straight, really :)?
    Sushi bowls have been on my to-create list for a while already but your choice of ingredients outdid what I had planned (brown rice, nori, edamame, carrots, cucumber).
    Happy Wednesday, Michelle! (as I already congratulated you on Sunday :))

      1. April 1st, so awhile ago. I’m only 19 but it just feels lightyears older!! 😀 I can’t imagine being 25. Like you said. 1/4 of a century. Such a cool way to look at it!

  2. That Chai smoothie looks delicious (that was one of the first smoothies I worked out a recipe for but yours looks better than mine). Even better though is your sushi bowl! It’s such a simple idea and it looks amazing!!