Should I be more stressed?

[donotprint] My oh my how times have changed. When I was in school I fell prey to stress at even the hint or a whisper of an exam or test. I studied like there was no tomorrow months in advance, spent hours over homework and forgo all outside activities in favour of getting in an extra few hours at the weekend.

Needless to say it didn’t work and pretty much led to me retreating in to myself and subsequently developing anorexia having learned I could control something else without any dependence on someone marking me on my efforts.

I have one exam to sit this coming weekend and I kid you not…I’ve opened my notes for no more than an hour and have no intention of doing any more than another couple of hours study. Life has taken over and I have a whole wide variety of other activities that take precedence these days! Smile Maybe I’ve gone a little too far to the other side but I certainly no which one I’d rather be on…all the same wish me luck!

Like What I Ate Wednesday!

Peas and Crayons

Yesterday was an incredibly exciting day of eats from start to finish…

It started with some much needed pancakes like no other that have gone before them! Triple coconut!

The waft from the pan was awesome and they truly delivered on flavour! For all the coconut fans out there you’re goana love these ones! Recipe will be up tomorrow.

Lunch was truly awesome! Curried coconut cauliflower quinoa!

I whipped out some Artisana and got to drizzling…it was truly mighty! I need to start using more coconut butter, I’d forgotten how much I love it!  Recipe will be up tomorrow! Smile

In the afternoon I had the last of my homemade quick and easy fudgesticles!

They’re kid approved….a chocolate covered face is the greatest compliment I could have gotten on these! I’ll have the recipe up this evening so make sure to check back!

Dinner was the highlight of the day…though the pancakes were a close contender and when you see my night time snack you might just swoon…

But this vegan “fish o’fillet” was out of this world! Such a simple idea, I coated the tofu in a mix of ground oats, paprika and cayenne.

With smashed peas and homemade caper-less tartar sauce…it was all kinds of awesome in every bite!

I’ll have the recipe up Friday in time for the weekend. It’s well worth the wait!

Also coming your way Friday are these little wonders courtesy of those individual silicon bundt cases I mentioned last week.

PB and Jelly individual generously sized Bundt cakes with raspberry chia jam in the middle! I’ve made three different varieties already and I’ve another bit of baking planned for tomorrow…the texture of the cake itself is simply perfect!

I remember when I was in the throws of stressful times I either starved myself further and then in the interim binge eating and bulimia period I over indulged to the extreme. Both were not only detrimental to my physical health but also made me even more stressed and incapable of giving 100% in any let alone every aspect of my life. I’m truly grateful to be here and now sharing wonderful eats, free of stress, free from the constant worry and pressure I used to put upon myself and now truly able to appreciate food for what it is as well as expressing my creativity through my experimental recipes each and every day.

Does stress impact the way you eat or view food? Are you better able to deal with stress now then you were in your more youthful years?

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  1. Stress definitely affects the way I ate. If I’m really stressed and busy I forget to eat or am often not hungry because I’m so busy. Not good I know. It’s a recipe for a migraine for me.

    Your burger looks delicious and those fudgey lollies look amazing! I’ll will be checking back later for the recipe.

  2. Funnily enough I feel I’m eating better when stressed as in: I don’t tend to overthink food all that much. It becomes more of a random topic rather than taking up lots of thoughts and time in my day. Something I much appreciate in terms of recovery.
    I’m glad to hear you’re not letting stress take over and affect you in a negative way that much anymore.
    Mmh, the fudgesicles are calling my name and the quinoa dish looks pretty tasty, too. I’ve never been a fan of tatar sauce but since you created a caper-less version I might just give it a try again.
    Oh, and happy Birthday to your brother – I just saw you mentioning it on Facebook :).

  3. I am so looking forward to that fudgesicle recipe! Yum!
    Stress definitely impacts how I look at food. When I’m stressed, I head straight to the pantry and mindlessly eat. It’s a horrible habit and one that I’m definitely looking to break! I’d say I’m getting better about it, but in general, it’s something I’m still working on. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well with it all!

    1. I’ll have it up in a few hours time so not long to wait 🙂 Well you’re obviously aware of it so that’s a positive step in the right direction 🙂

  4. Hi Michelle 🙂
    I read your blog everyday and never dared commenting, but his WIAW just hit the nail on the head so I thought I might have to finally gather my courage and leave you a comment.
    Even though I have never suffered from an eating disorder as horribly as you did, I had my struggles with eating, too, which started specifically when school got stressful.

    Especially in the final years, my stress levels were constantly sky-high, I stopped laughing and feeling happiness with all my heart, I gave up all the free time activities like Taekwondo and painting that I enjoyed before. Since two months now, school is over and my exams are done.
    I always thought this would be the happiest time of my life, but instead, I don’t really feel anything. I still have nightmares about my exams and wake up all sweaty at nights.

    The worst pain of my last months of school was that I never understood how others could deal with the stress. Was I really so weak?
    Slowly I begin to understand that I was the one who put all that pressure on myself. To be honest, I have no idea why… I don’t mean to brag, but my “Abitur” is pretty good and there was no need to obsess about every single homework.

    Reading posts like yours encourage me that one day, I will be able to deal with stress better, maybe even in a good way. Thank you very much for it, I appreciate your blog everyday. Good luck for your exams!
    Love, Lara

    1. Oh wow thanks for the gorgeous comment Lara! Glad you finally left me one..hopefully they’ll be many more to come! And thanks for sharing your story!

  5. It’s so great to see you sharing your troubles and your journey. I hope other women are inspired by you, which I think they should. It’s good to see someone on the other side.

    I totally stress eat too. Any type of high emotion, happy, sad, angry, whatever, I have the urge to eat something. It’s incredibly difficult to overcome and takes a lot of mental work. But it’s worth it!

  6. All your food looks AMAZING! i’m getting so hungry just looking at it 🙂 And oh my gosh, i used to be horrible to myself when it came to restricting food/ bingeing/ over-exercising in times of stress. now that im older, i’m able to identify triggers better and by looking at the bigger picture, im able to keep my stress a bit more in check. but nobodys perfect, and i do still slip up from time to time. great post 🙂

  7. HOW DO YOU DO IT. I’m dyinggg. The highlight? Definitely the cauliflower curry. I can’t get enough of curry lately! Can’t wait to see all these! You’re amazing, lady! Happy week 🙂

  8. yes I totally use to stress at the drop of a hat, I didn’t realize it at the time but now that I take more time to slow down I am really aware of it.

    Girl you eat like a queen and I love it!

  9. Stress definitely impacts how I eat too, but it can go either way with me eating too much or too little. Depends on what’s going on! 😀

    I’m the same way with tests now. I don’t let them freak me out nearly as much as I used to. Life is not all about studying!

    Saw where you posted the fudgesicles I think. Sound great!