A day or recreations

After a week of some amazing eats I decided to pick my favourites yesterday and recreate them with the intention of having photos to share today and recipes to come over the following days.

Before I get to eats I’d love to hear your thoughts/receive your comments on my post from Monday… “Letting go of the scales…”

And now my midweek duties….What I Ate Wednesday time!

First up some apricot and almond laden baked oats! I used to always make baked oats for one but seen as my Dad is trying to remove all processed foods from his diet he’s loving baked oats as dessert option in the evenings! These one’s got two thumbs up from both of us.

I managed have the dish for breakfast topped with Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter and some cooked down apricots. Wowsers that stuff is like ready made icing. Definitely not an everyday nut butter but a delicious treat!

Recipe will be up tomorrow morning!

For lunch I had a delicious plate of spinach falafel! Any excuse to use the new food processor! I had spinach worthy of pesto addition in an instant!

Topped off with a dollop of tahini on each, a sprinkling of paprika…whipped up in 10 minutes flat, baked in 15….and such a cute treat! Recipe will be up tomorrow evening!

I snacked on a super duper Organic Apple from The Happy Pear in the afternoon post meeting. Best apples EVER and I’m a little picky about my apples to say the least!

Dinner was an awesome affair! Remember those life changing buckwheat tortillas?

I had to make more! This time with spicy butternut squash and black beans, cashew cheese sauce over the top. Positively glorious! The combination was divine, the cashew cheese sauce making each mouthful all the more luscious…Check out the sweet potato nachos in the meantime for some more cashew cheese action!

Recipe will be up Friday! Smile

And then I dug in the last of these…

Double chocolate banana muffins! I’ve made chocolate banana muffins about 5 times over but haven’t quite managed to get the desired light moist texture..until now! Chocolate banana muffin perfection!

Recipe will be up first thing Friday….Love when a muffin comes perfectly clean from it’s liner! Nothing worse then loosing a layer!

FYI the vegan “fish o fillet” from last week will be up this evening! Apologies for the delay!

What food have you be recreating over and over lately?

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  1. Everything looks delicious as always! I wish I could make my breakfast look as pretty as yours! Just a quick question, I was looking through some of your older posts, and noticed that you didn’t used to be vegan. Have you got any posts that explain when/how you went vegan? I’d be really interested to read them, but might be here all day if I look through the archives! Happy Wednesday (: x

  2. Good call on the apricots, Michelle! They’re finally making an appearance again in stores around here so I might just have to get myself some. Your oatmeal looks great and it’s awesome your dad’s been enjoying it, too.
    Ooh, you know I’m all about those polka-dotted muffin liners – not to say the muffins didn’t look great, too, though ;).

  3. Everything looks so incredibly delicious! Well, all your recipes do, but I am having serious cravings for literally all the meals you posted today so great timing! Haha attempting to recreate these are going to be my project for the weekend 🙂

  4. What brand tahini do you use? I know some are HORRIBLE tasting and some are equally as delicious as coconut butter. I usually use tahini IN recipes as opposed to topping my food so i can’t tell if the latest jar I have is a good one or not!