Heavy weights, no breaks

I love workouts that incorporate diverse exercises moving quickly from one thing to the next. The keep my mind busy, my body guessing and eliminate any potential for workout boredom. I never do the same workout two days in a row, switching it up with different circuits, setting myself new goals be it based on time, trying new moves or making use of heavier weights.

Even more so on the mornings that I go for a run (usually Monday’s and Friday’s), I like tackling one single straightforward enough circuit rather than simply doing slow paced strength training; my mind has too much potential to wander and there is an increased likelihood that I’ll only end up chattering. Smile

I posted a 1000 Rep workout a few months back and have been creating different ones every couple of weeks since as well as repeating that same one.

It’s always the Burpees that get me! We have a love hate relationship; the thought of them is always worse than they end up being, I always psyche myself out over them!

It’s a workout that’s best done in he gym with lots of space and access to a wide variety of weights! I had 4 kettle bells, and a 10kg plate, an exercise ball and matt all over in my corner! Luckily enough I always hit the gym early before there’s too much demand on the equipment.

This one falls short of the 1000 by 10….feel free to do 10 jumps at the end if you want to reach the 1000 mark!

(Edited June 17th – it’s 20kg not 22kg that I used for the kettlebell swings and as always use weights suited to your wn strength and fitness level!)

Here’s a few links to some of the exercises above.

For the chest press leg raise I lay flat, press the plate above my chest as I lower it I do a double leg raise; that’s one rep Smile

What’s your favourite rep challenge workout? Link me up!

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  1. I love your workouts! They remind me a lot of Zuzka’s workouts from Zuzkalight.com, which I love also. I did the 1000 rep workout a couple weeks ago and it kicked my butt! I actually really like burpees and I’m always switching it up by doing different variations of burpees. Same goes for my workouts in general–I like variety! I will definitely try this new one sometime soon! Thanks 🙂

  2. Are you sure you have your weights right here? I consider myself quite strong, and use 12kg for ketlebell swings, and the men at the Crossfit gym use about 20kg. You sure your kettlebell isn’t in pounds? So a 22 pound kettlebell would be 10kg, which is still quite heavy: my previous gym only had them going up to 8kg! I just really wouldn’t want to see anyone getting hurt, 22kg is serious weight, I can barely lift the 22kg kettlebell!!!!