Nothing Beats Picking Your Own…

I’ve been feeling a little drained lately. You know when it comes to that time of the month and energy levels have a tendency to feel that extra bit depleted… My plan of attack is always to load up on food packed with goodness, and of course yumminess! Smile

Of course my favourite summer activity contributed a whole heap to acting as a mighty pick me up…not only the activity itself but the abundance of antioxidant loaded fruit I have in my possession as a result.

Yes cherry picking has officially begun! I got to bring Naoise last Friday evening and she had a ball of a time. An almost five year that loves cherries just as much as her cherry obsessed aunt!

So of course you’d be right to assume that a whole lot of cherries are going to feature in this weeks What I Ate Wednesday (thanks to Jenn as always for hosting!)

Can I tempt you to a slice of pizza? Breakfast cherry, banana and melted almond butter pizza to be precise!

There are no words…recipe will be up tomorrow first thing!!!

Pizza, comes pancake, comes….ye I tried, there really are no words. Smile I’ll work harder on tomorrow’s post!

Then as a midday snack I went all out experimental on the softserve front.

Mint chocolate chip softserve with a green monster spinach twist. I think it could be the best yet! Lots of fresh mint, dark chocolate chips, refrozen due to hot melting temperatures. Recipe will be up Friday morning!

“Ice Cream” with the goodness of spinach and all the flavour of mint chocolate chip…does it get any better??!?

Lunch arrived in the form of one of the best simple fruity salads I think I’ve ever eaten. Never underestimate the power of a good dressing. I used to always pass on dressings, empty calories that offered no hunger filling volume or staying power….

Not this dressing! Lemon cashew cream poppy seed dressing..absolutely gorgeous! Ripe peaches, blueberries, pan seared tofu and a whole lot of fresh leafy organic lettuce. A lighter, cooling,creamy lunch that really hit the spot. Recipe will be up tomorrow evening.

Dinner was another simple meal, whipped up in 15 minutes flat. Yet more raw cashew butter featured, this time in a coconut cashew udon noodle sauce mixed with veggies and roasted cashews.

(Same mat, same bowl…new meal! Smile)

Roasted cashews are officially my favourite nut, especially when it comes to savoury dishes. I actually made this noodle dish two days in a row..I hadn’t snapped any photos the first time round and it was so incredible I felt the urge to share it with the world (and also to devour another bowlful of it’s yummy wonderfulness!)

I started and ended the day on a similar cherry laden note…

Of all the cherry things I’ve made, pizza included, these have been my favourite. They also went down incredibly well with all the family; there was almost a fight over the last square, no kidding!

Recipe will be up for these on Saturday morning – or maybe a little later seen as the gym triathlon is on this coming weekend Smile

What’s your favourite or go to food when your in need of a little energising nutrient dense pick me up?

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  1. Way to keep me hanging here! 🙂 All those recipes look so delish!
    Whenever I need a pick-me-up/get back on track with nutrient-dense foods I always turn to green monsters. Knowing that I just crammed 2 cups of greens into a small glass makes me feel like Wonder Woman…or something like it 😉

    Have a great day and I can’t wait to see some of those recipes!

  2. My eyes are bigger than my head these all look PHENOM!! I also think the cherry bars are more important than the gym triathlon 😉

  3. Everyone always said that pizza for breakfast was a a great way to start the day. I’d have to agree as a slice of cold pizza just couldn’t be beat. Until you made a desserty version that looks ten times better, healthier and more stomach-friendly 🙂

  4. Everything looks amazing per usual! 😉 I’ve been obsessed with cherries lately. I had pretty much everything cherry you think of (salsa, pie, ice cream topping, pancakes, cobbler, salad dressing) in Door County last week (they’re known for their cherries!), and I was in love!

  5. Here we go again, Peachy Palate! This is not my first time of reading your blog and once again, I am not disappointed going through your articles. I am particularly in love with cherries, and you can imagine my excitement when you decided to talk of picking them yourself.

    I agree with you that nothing beats you picking your own cherries all by yourself, and then fashioning out spectacular recipes, like the ones you’ve mentioned! I totally love the whole concept and idea! And that you also managed to mention cherries as a good source of antioxidants is a lovely inclusion!

  6. I can only imagine how much fun Naoise had going cherry picking with you – that’s such a cute idea. So far, I’ve only picked up one bag of cherries at the supermarket and they were incredibly disappointing. Doesn’t everything taste ten times as amazing when you’ve picked it yourself, really?!
    Wow to your creative meals once more – I couldn’t say which one I’d go for first. Maybe a tie between lunch and dinner.
    Oh, also: Remember I’ll ask for a review of the gym triathlon later this week :).

  7. Two things:
    1 – I think you should open up a breakfast shop – but here in the states. I’d eat there everyday!
    2 – Write a “frozen yogurt” book. B/c I need all those recipes in one place! I really wanna try the spinach one from todays post!