Bit of an upheaval

It’s been quite the week…

Last Monday I had a new PDR of 10 miles but the feeling of achievement was quickly by replaced by one of regret and a little anger. I got back to the gym having struggled through the last couple of kilometres thanks to a new to me pain in my left foot. I had the problem with my Achilles in my right ankle which had been niggling at me consistently. I decided to run through the pain on Monday to make it back to my car and to finish the 10 mile goal I’d set out for myself.

I immediately jumped to the conclusion it was Plantar fasciitis but it turns out having caved and gone to the physio on Wednesday evening last week it’s a case of Morton’s neuroma…which I’d never even heard of. Seemingly it’s not a bad case of it and I just need to rest it so it’s been a week of no running, hoping back on the elliptical and the bike and breaking a hell of a lot more sweat than usual in the process! I was kicking myself earlier last week but I’m trying to just take it as an opportunity to try new things, icing up when I can and fingers crossed my foot gets back to normal sometime soon!

Food on the other hand has been awesome with lots of random experiments. Yesterday was no exception. It started out with a classic bowl of vegan overnight oats with a peach and raspberry twist topped with a new to me almond butter ….more on that tomorrow morning!

Super thick creamy luscious overnight oats….totally hit the spot and left me full to the brim right the way up till lunch time.

Post oats came a delicious, in fact the most delicious twist on egg fried rice I’ve ever made or tasted. I whipped up a tahini chickpea slightly “cheesy” based sauce….

The end result was incredible!!! One of those bowls of food that you truly don’t want to end…hella tasty! Recipe will be up tomorrow!

A handful of the last of the summer cherries were devoured which went unsnapped before dinner…

The experiment of the week! Baked “breaded” avocado tacos…! A spin on the classic fish taco with a spicy creamy sauce over the top.

I wasn’t sure how the avocado would hold up in the oven but it turn out beautifully and smelt amazing!!!

Served up in a quick and easy to make gluten free chickpea flour taco/wrap…can’t wait to share this one! Recipe will be up Friday evening.

Fig rolls or Fig Newton’s? We call them Fig Rolls in these parts! They were and still are a staple in my mums grocery shopping trolley. The biscuit tin is never without a packet. We sell a homemade gluten version in The Happy Pear so I decided to give it a go myself….

With a twist of course! These ones are raw! A little bit of patience was required to make them but it was so worth it! Recipe will be up Friday morning!

If anyone has had Morton’s neuroma and has any tips be sure to let me know! Hope you’re all having a great week so far! Oh and thanks to Jenn as always for hosting!

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  1. Hope your foot is well soon and you can go back to running! Still it’s nice to change the routine up once in a while and I am sure you will train some muscles now that support your running when you get back to it.

    On foodie notes: oh my, baked avocado? That sounds to good to be true. Will definitely come back for the recipe.

  2. Sorry to hear about your injury and suffering from Morton’s neuroma. Did your doctor let you know how long it might take to heal? Hope it won’t take too long!
    Not even having seen any other WIAW posts today so far I’ll dare to say yours looks like one of the most amazing. Everything looks delicious and bonus points for including red cabbage [childhood memories]. With my current brown rice kick I’m especially looking forward to your lunch recipe.

  3. Great job on the PDR, but sorry to hear about your foot! I have no idea what I would do if I had to keep off of my feet because I walk everywhere when at school… I hate the bus.

    The baked avocado look amazing! As do those homemade fig newtons. Super excited to hear about that recipe because of it being raw (to me, raw usually = easy and quick 🙂 ) and also because fig newtons were a childhood favorite of mine.

  4. Oh wow I loved fig rolls as a kid! I keep seeing delicious fresh figs everywhere so I may have to stock up for your recipe. Sorry to read about your foot – hope it gets better soon (nothing some fig rolls can’t cure I hope!)

  5. I’m with the obvious majority — can’t wait for the fig rolls! Or, as we call them here in the States, like you noted, Fig Newtons. My love affair with figs is on par with the one you have with cherries. When my SO wants to do something nice for me and surprise me, he brings home fresh figs, and I flip for them EVERY time! (He’s hand picked over 3 dozen of them for me just in the past month alone! So SWEET!)

  6. Lovely post! Everything looks so yummy 🙂
    Can’t wait for your tacco wrap recipe! I tried to make soft tortillas but they are always a little to hard to wrap properly! And I really love chick pea flour. So I’ll be coming back Friday 🙂