Almond flour loving!

I’ve been baking like it’s no bodies business…cookies, brownies….all a few times over in order to perfect the recipes.

I’ve only just discovered the true wonders of almond meal (previously I would have only added a little for fear of overloading the calorie/fat content, but now I’m embracing it wholeheartedly!) 

Another What I Ate Wednesday…the one true blogging consistency I look forward to every week! Thanks Jenn!

Before we get to baking talk let’s talk pancakes….pea protein pancakes to be precise! Thick fluffy chocolate pancakes topped with roasted pears, peaches and homemade sunflower seed butter…

Pea Protein Pancakes (5)

Need I say anymore?! Other than that they’ll be up tomorrow (don’t worry the next little treat went up yesterday….)

Pea Protein Pancakes (23)

These pancakes hold up beautifully so any leftovers can be enjoyed the next day! Possibly even better than the the pumpkin version but I’ll leave the voting up to you!

Pea Protein Pancakes (21)

The ultimate vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookie was the perfect little mid morning snack with a big mug of chai vanilla tea. Sweet, satisfying and truly wholesome! They’ve a delicious little crunch, with and almond and coconut twist.

Almond Butter Cookies (11)

Recipe went up yesterday!! Hope to be making these for The Happy Pear this week!

Almond Butter Cookies (22)

For lunch I had one awesome salad! Yes cold food in September…we’re having a bit of an unexpected heat wave here in Ireland at the moment!!! Amazing glorious sunshine!

Bone Building Salad  (1)

I’m coining this a Bone Building Salad! I’ll explain more when I post the recipe tomorrow but think alkaline, magnesium rich goodies galore!

Bone Building Salad  (13)

Next up dinner…no snackage, the salad well and truly held me over until my evening meal. Remember the socca pizza? I have a new gluten free base for you, a herbed buckwheat and quinoa one to be precise!

Pesto Buckwheat Pizza (11)

Topped off with a hemp basil pesto and slow roasted tomatoes! I’ll have this one up on Friday just in time for the weekend!

Pesto Buckwheat Pizza (35) Pesto Buckwheat Pizza (26)

And last but not least, the blondie that truly rivals the brownies from last week….in fact I think they might just win in a battle between the two. Slighty sticky chewy crispy with a little chocolate chunk crunch and crispiness around the edges….

Almond Butter Blondies (7)

Recipe will be up Friday morning should you fancy whipping these almond laden golden wonders!

Almond Butter Blondies (11)

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  1. Oh my, did you whip up an amazing bunch of eats once again! It remind me of how I have to get some tempeh and quinoa and how much I’ve been missing these two. I am also curiously waiting for your pancake recipe. Love making pancakes out of coconut or almond flour. It gives them such a beautiful nutty taste.

  2. My sister asked me just a minute ago if I liked beets [wish I would but I don’t, sorry!] and then for a tempeh recipe [I referred her to your recipage]. And now you’re posting a salad that contains post of them – coincidence! Looking forward to the recipe though I might just have to leave the beets out.
    While I’m a brownie girl your blondies look and sound tempting, too.

  3. Send some heat over here! It’s starting to get chilly with fall and everything. Dislike 🙁

    I love that you are using almond flour more because that means I can try even more of your recipes out on my family!