Way Too Speedy!

Is this month going WAY too fast for anyone else? Tell me I’m not the only one who hasn’t started Christmas shopping yet?

I have done some Christmas like things though! I brought my little niece to Frozen on Monday afternoon to get us in the spirit…not that she needs any help! Being 5 at Christmas time…nothing compares! A magical movie this time of year.

Aside from our outing I’ve a busy week on the cards with a new client to meet this evening, brownie recipes to test for work and sandwiched somewhere in the midst of it all getting a start on that shopping and hopefully cracking it all in one busy non stressful few hours! Say prayers for me!

I feel like I’m still playing catch up on last weeks recipes! (The epic PB & Jelly Nanaimo Bars went up on Monday in case you missed em!) But I do have a few more to share this week…sure what would What I Ate Wednesday be without some deliciousness!

I’m still on my smoothie kick! This weeks one is a little more festive…featuring one of my new favourite flavour combinations!


Cranberry, pear and pistachio with a twist of ginger and cinnamon. Seriously divine, incredibly festive and a nice way to start a Christmas morning perhaps?


Recipe will be up Friday morning! I kept the second one for this morning (delightful premade treat!) seen as I had some baked oats to taste test (another slab this morning!), pecans, apple, cranberry…Sunbutter drizzled over the top!

Another super handy Christmas morning breakfast option that you have ready to go, or simply whip up and stick in the oven while you unwrap presents! Recipe will be up tomorrow!

More cranberries come lunch time?

This time roasted with butternut squash and mixed with massaged kale, crunchy apple and a creamy hemp seed and tahini dressing, hemp seeds over top. A delicious and incredibly nutritious salad! Again Christmas starter/appetiser or side? Sensing a theme anyone! Ok so I’ve gone Christmas food crazy and not a present has been purchased…at least everyone will be well fed!

Recipe will be up over the weekend!

Dinner was awesome! A new amazing discovery, one of the best of 2013…

Steel cut oat risotto! But not just any risotto! A mighty mushroom risotto, walnut cream in the mix for ultimate dreaminess and as an added bonus it reheats beautifully!

A hell of a lot more risotto is going to be devoured over the next few weeks. So comforting, warming and satisfying! The recipe for this one will be up…hopefully in the next few days!

I munched on two new cookies before bed time…

Chocolate almond butter thumbprints..soft and doughy…

And the alternative chunky, lightly chewy, soft, oatie chocolate, pecan, coconut and sweet potato cookies!!! Recipe for these you’ll be delighted to hear will be up this evening!

Chocolate almond thumbprints will be over the weekend and I promise they’ll be worth wait!

Christmas cooking and cookie baking…maybe I should just give food as presents this year!

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  1. Uh oh, Christmas shopping, don’t even remind me. I hate how everyone tells me that they had all the presents by the beginning of December already. Makes me feel even worse 😉 I have to wait with Jay’s presents, because you never know when the guy thinks of buying stuff himself. So I made him promise, that he wouldn’t get anything 2 weeks prior Christmas.

    Regarding the food: you make me drool as always. Love the idea of the festive smoothie and oooh please give me this salad, it looks so colorful and inviting.

  2. Gosh I’m hungry just looking at this yummy stuff! Your post alone reminded me I need to get some cranberries today at the store. Apparently, I’m the only blogger who hasn’t baked a recipe with them yet!
    And P.S.- You’re NOT the only one who hasn’t done their Christmas shopping! I’m having to wait until next week!:( Great photos!!!:)

  3. Wow – not only does all of this food sound delicious but your photos are GORGEOUS! There is not a single thing on this page that, given the opportunity, I wouldn’t devour. I think I will start with that smoothie, though! Yum!

  4. Wow, so much goodness in this post! I love how seasonally appropriate all of your eats are, and every singly thing you made looks so delicious! Especially those chocolate thumbprints. And I’m loving the sun butter drizzled baked oats. Looks perfect for these chilly mornings!

  5. Don’t even remind me of the whole lot of Christmas shopping I have yet to do! Oh yes, to be a child again around Christmas time … I think it held an entirely different level of magic and secrets back then. How did you like ‘Frozen’? I’ve considered watching it but figure I might wait until its DVD release.
    While steel cut oats aren’t an ingredient I keep at hand the idea of repurposing a classic breakfast staple in a savoury dish. Your risotto takes the idea of savoury oats to a new dimension – mmh.