Paleo Cashew Butter Coconut Chip Blondies

The ultimate gooey fudgy blondie, no flours, no food processor, one large bowl and a good whisk. Laced with homemade coconut chips and golden toasted cashew nuts. Truly beautiful!

Cashew Blondies Meridian (20) (1) Cashew Blondies Meridian (4)

As part of being an ambassador for Meridian Foods I’ll be posting one nut/seed butter recipe over their site a month. I had a rake of ideas for this month but settled on cashew butter blondies. And once I had my heart set on them I just couldn’t let go! (Get the recipe here!)

Cashew Blondies Meridian (3)

I love cashew almost as much as almond…it’s so incredibly fudgy and caramel like, more stick the rough of you mouth than the aforementioned, a little more similar to peanut butter in texture.

Cashew Blondies Meridian (9) Cashew Blondies Meridian (16)

I made these blondies a total of four times…and I know you’ll look at the recipe and think how could I have needed to make them four times… It’s all in the method which I didn’t realise until after round three. The first batch was far too cake like, not at all gooey. Edible but not what I was after.

Cashew Blondies Meridian (11) Cashew Blondies Meridian (15)

I decided to add some coconut oil in an effort to make them more fudgy…into the food processor the mix went only to then separate and curdle, not a pretty site! Then I went sans eggs and replaced them with a flax alternative. The mix was so darn stiff spreading it proved far too arduous and the end result was a dishevelled mess.

Cashew Blondies Meridian (12) Cashew Blondies Meridian (19)

Whisk in hand,  a little less baking soda, a smaller baking tray (6 inch as opposed to 8) and a lesser baking time in mind, I had high hopes for round four. I waited my patience and allowed them to cool overnight in the fridge before slicing.

Cashew Blondies Meridian (23) Cashew Blondies Meridian (25)

Fudgy gooey coconut chip laced awesomeness!!! Blondie perfection if you ask me. Hunky little squares of baked cashew butter goodness sweetened with nothing more than dates. It’s the healthiest damn delicious blondie I ever did bake. They went down pretty well with all my fellow taste testers and so they made it, recipe of the month. I’ve done the hard work for you, all you have to do now is head on over to the Meridian site now to pick up the super easy recipe and pretty short ingredient list to go with it and get yourself baking!

Cashew Blondies Meridian (24) Cashew Blondies Meridian (14)

Of course those coconut chips were not my own creation but Ashley’s genius invention. I did sprinkle some on top of one of the batches prior to baking and they melted all over the place but somehow within the blondies they oozed just enough to mingle with the gooey batter yet still hold on to their own structure for a definite coconut bite. Coconut and cashew butter is truly a match made in heaven.

If you don’t fancy blondies…these cashew butter cookies are another all time favourite nut butter treat!

To print the recipe click here.

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