Grain Free Cashew Bread French Toast

Light airy bread whipped up with smooth roasted cashew butter, soaked in a simple subtly sweet eggy mix, fried in coconut oil and topped with rich thick luscious coconut yogurt. Sweet breakfast treat perfection!

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Toast and bread, bread and toast, both were staples in my diet before going paleo. I had made the transition from full on processed wheat to spelt, to gluten free over a period of about a year. More times than I care to remember I attempted to create the perfect gluten free loaf…the reason I’d rather forget is because the majority of them ended up in the bin. Too heavy, to dry, to dense and chewy…the light airy bread I was after failed to come to fruition.

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Then I ditched bread altogether and for the most part these days I’m more than happy to eat my way through a mound of fresh salads, meat, fish and eggs, of course pretty much always ending the day on a semi sweet note, at least by my standards.

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Occasionally I do get a longing for bread, or toast rather, more specifically French toast! Bread soaked in a lightly sweet eggy mix and pan fried to achieve a golden crust, soft in the middle, and a perfect base for either a mound of nut butter or on this occasion a mighty dollop or three of coconut yogurt.

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I considered just throwing together my go to paleo sandwich bread loaf but figured I might as well do some experimenting! With my new mighty jar of smooth roasted cashew butter (Meridian of course!) I got to work on creating the perfect loaf. I was DELIGHTED with how it turned out! Although a little lopsided (I blame it on the fan oven) it was perfectly light and airy with just a hint of doughy-ness and a beautiful crust!

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Such an incredibly easy bread to whip up…eggs, cashew butter and a little raising agent, some cream of tartar to help it hold it’s structure. Just don’t open the oven or be tempted to slice it to soon.

Let it cool on a rack and once sliced refrigerate slices for up to three days or freeze; FYI it also makes for great straight up grilled toast…topped with EVEN MORE nut butter, or something a little more savoury. Think poached eggs, smoked salmon and avocado, a little homemade ghee in the middle for good measure! Avocado toasties are of course also highly recommended, smashed and sprinkled with some chili flakes and squeeze of lemon!

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I left the loaf unsweetened which gives you the option of going down either route…then a little stevia in the egg mixture along with some vanilla and you have quite the sweet morning or brunch treat. I had some freeze dried raspberries on hand and so sprinkled them for aesthetics but they offered a nice little hit of “freshness”, complimenting the luscious natural coconut yogurt beautifully.

What’s your favourite not so savoury breakfast? I am of course quite partial to a nice stack of pancakes of the not so traditional kind!

Paleo French Toast

by Michelle Hunt

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Keywords: fry breakfast entree gluten-free grain free low-carb paleo soy-free almond milk

Ingredients (Serves 1)


Whisk together egg, coconut milk, vanilla extract and powdered stevia. Lay slices of bread in a large flat bottom bowl and cover with egg mixture. Flip over after a couple of minutes soaking for 2 minutes on each side.

Meanwhile melt coconut oil in a pan over a medium heat. Fry soaked bread for 3-4 minutes on each side; until golden and crisp on the outside!

Serve topped with raspberries, dried or fresh and a dollop of coconut yogurt or drizzle of nut butter if desired.

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