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My beautiful inspiring friend from Canada recently launched in latest downloadable book complete with it’s supporting meal plan, designed to encourage and support all those seeking a new alternative route to health and fulfillment… Fat Fueled!

It might sound like it offers more than can be delivered but the book was created based on her own very recent experiences…Leanne has overcome her long term, 8 year battle, with amenorrhea, while at the same time cemented her positive relationship with food. She has shown over the past twelve months how you can nourish your body, enjoy your food, feel satisfied and at ease, without being at the mercy of traditional meal times and “balanced” plate structures.

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So many women have ongoing trouble with their hormones, some of which may have even dabbled in the keto style of eating having heard about it’s potential benefits but sticking with it comes down to have the correct guidance as well the supporting alternative food options and meal ideas at your finger tips. With Fat Fueled Leanne has covered all basis, whatever your food intolerances or dietary preferences, their is something for everybody, she’s done all the “thinking outside the box” for you.

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Aside from any potential hormonal struggles you may not be having, Fat Fueled provides a way for you to overcome the ongoing numbers game. Time and time again I meet women who are still counting calories, their lives ruled and meals dictated by them. Having been their myself through years of eating disorders I know how brain numbing, altogether stressful and in the end pointless the whole practice can be.

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I’ve personally follow a Paleo approach to eating but very much focus on consuming an ample amount of fat from whole foods including ghee, coconut oil, coconut butter, and cacao butter. One of my favourite keto friendly recipes on the blog has to be my Matcha Fat Bomb Fudge Squares! Here are a few of my other favourite keto friendly recipes:

That said the vast majority of my meals and recipes over the last few months and on a daily basis tend to be keto friendly or at least very keto adaptable.

I have and continue to reap the benefits of incorporating more fat in to my diet…

  • Overcoming my long term “fear of fat”
  • Feeling more satisfied after my meals
  • Relieved of early morning “brain fog” thanks to adding coconut oil & ghee to my coffee!
  • Improvement in both my mood and energy levels, with no afternoon energy slumps

But to name a few!!!

Fat Fuelled

Grab your copy of Fat Fuelled today…an investment worth making!!! It has all the potential to be life changing.

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