Silky Smooth Sunflower Seed Butter

The completely nut free paleo peanut butter lovers alternative…silky smooth, thick, rich, toasted and dreamy. Totally worth the little bit of work!

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In the past I’ve managed to create a super silky smooth sunflower seed butter only with the helping hand of toasted coconut. I also under toasted the sunflower seeds…no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t shake the light grey colour, nothing like my much loved Sunbutter. The one and only nut/seed butter I haven’t managed to recreate with ease. That thick paste consistency, still somehow silky smooth, both spreadable and drippy.

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That was until I finally got my very own high speed blender. This was my first time making a nut butter in my Froothie machine, and it worked wonderfully! I did have to play around with the settings a little but what ended up being key was using the tamper to push the seed dust, and subsequent thick butter down and away from the sides while it processed.

It’s also important to keep on processing even when you thick it’s done. The seeds take quite a while to release their natural oils but a bit of patience really does pay off.

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I did end up adding some melted coconut oil to get things moving about 2/3 of the way through. I left it out of the second batch and the end result was pretty comparable so I’d say for ease of processing you might as well add it in!

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With two mighty jars of sunflower seed butter in hand I figured I might as well whip up some simple fudge cups…sure why not! A little coconut oil, coconut butter and stevia. Left to set in some silicon cups in the fridge, these are a delicious little snack. That rich sunflower seed butter, naturally sweet coconut butter, each bite melts in the mouth oh so beautifully. True bliss!

What’s your favourite homemade seed or nut butter to make?

Silky Smooth Sunflower Seed Butter

by Michelle Hunt

Prep Time: 2 minutes + 15 minutes blending

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Keywords: blender side snack breakfast gluten-free grain free low-carb nut-free paleo soy-free sugar-free vegan sunbutter

Ingredients (1.5 cups approx.)

  • 3 cups (420g) sunflower seeds
  • 2 tbsp (28g) coconut oil
  • Pinch of Pink Himilayan Rock Salt
  • 1/2 tsp fresh/dried vanilla seeds


Preheat oven to 180C (350F).

Lay seeds on baking tray or two lined with baking paper or foil; ideally have them in a single layer. Roast in the preheated oven for 20 minutes, tossing half way through. Turn the oven up to 200C (400F) and give them 3-5 minutes more; until they are beautifully golden. Keep a close eye you don’t want them to burn. This final toasting is key to creating that deep rich sunflower seed butter colour as opposed to the dull grey homemade version you may have made in the past!

Place the seeds in to your high speed blender lifting them up with the foil or parchment paper, holding at one end and creating a funnel for easy pouring!

Blend on low to medium for about 5 minutes. Turn off the blender gently scrape down the sides. Turn the blender back on a use the tamper to push down the seed dust while you blend on a medium speed for about 5-7 minutes. Let it rest for 2 minutes and start again. Repeat 2-3 times until you have a thick smooth sunflower seed butter that is turning over itself in the blender when you run it on high. At this stage melt your coconut oil and add to the seed butter along with the vanilla and salt.

Process on high for a couple of minutes more. The sunflower seed butter should be extremely smooth and drippy at this stage. Pour in to a large jar, allow to cool and store at room temperature for up to three weeks or in the fridge for up to two months.

If storing in the fridge it will firm up a bit but if using on warm pancakes or bowls of n’oatmeal it will quickly return to it’s former drippiness! Allow to come to room temperature to loosen up a bit or simply give it a little gently heat in the microwave, about 10-20 seconds for a couple of tablespoons to help it along. I usually reheat a little in an egg cup; don’t keep reheating the full jar!

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