Double Chocolate Protein Oats

Sometimes you just need to start your day with a protein fix… and with Easter on the horizon I’m all about trying to create some chocolate deliciousness suitable for any time of the day.  I do love having my bowl of oats before bed and these are a delightful alternative to your standard bowl of oats…definitely for the chocaholic in your life!

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I used a mixture of cacao powder and Pulsin’s sugar free chocolate drops for a double chocolate kick. These are rich, hella chocolatey and incredibly indulgent. I added some of Pulsin’s Whey Protein Concentrate, both in the oats and on top. The protein in the oats lends itself to creating a much more satisfying and nourishing bowl of goodness as well as thickening them up beautifully.

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You could of course add one of there other protein powders if whey isn’t your thing though the whey concentrate is the only once I’ve created a successful protein “icing” with! The key to creating a smooth texture when incorporating the protein is to mix or blend it either water or almond milk before adding it to the almost cooked oats.

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What’s your favourite way to switch up your usual bowl of oats?

Double Chocolate Protein Oats

by Michelle Hunt

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Keywords: boil breakfast snack dessert gluten-free nut-free sugar-free vegetarian

Ingredients (Serves 1)



Blend together cocoa powder or cacao powder with 250ml (1 cup) water or almond milk, vanilla and stevia.

Add oats to a pot and cover with the chocolate mixture.

Bring to the boil and leave to simmer for 3 minutes.

In a shaker mix together remaining water or almond mix with whey protein concentrate. Alternatively you can whisk the two together or blend in a jug.

Add the protein mixture to the oats, stir to combine and leave to simmer and thicken for a further two minutes.

Serve topped with chopped chocolate, whey protein icing, coconut flakes and fresh raspberries!

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