Fat Fueled – Take Charge of Your Health


My beautiful inspiring friend from Canada recently launched in latest downloadable book complete with it’s supporting meal plan, designed to encourage and support all those seeking a new alternative route to health and fulfillment… Fat Fueled! It might sound like it offers more than can be delivered but the book was created based on her […]

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Emotional Eating

Emotional eating… My immediate thoughts would have once only yielded negative connotations. Over the past 12 or so years my emotions have dictated my eating habits to the extreme, from not eating at all, severely restricting and extensive binging; it’s been a not so jubilant rollercoaster ride. I ate to numb my emotions and to […]

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Goals and Simple Changes for 2014

Rather than making New Years resolutions I’ve decided to take the opportunity, albeit a few days late, of the New Year to set myself some attainable easy to manage goals. In the past my mind was always racing ahead, planning in advance and subsequently worrying that things might not work out the way I intended. […]

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