Paleo Pancake Tower


Light fluffy triple coconut flour pancake stack!!! All they need is a sprinkling of coconut and a drizzle of honey…though some crispy bacon might have been a nice addition! I’ve been on a savoury breakfast kick of late. Eggs, meat, fish…pancakes haven’t gotten a look in. Seen as I’ve been experimenting with coconut flour on […]

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Instant Paleo Chocolate Fudge Cake


The ultimate fudgy grain and nut free instant mug cake…my new go to evening snack. A gooey in the middle chocolate cake that will satisfy your cravings in one feel healthy swoop! A while back I posted an instant mug cake that was technically grain free but made with buckwheat flour so not technically paleo […]

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Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich


Who needs an Egg McMuffin when you can create your own super healthy version in less than 10 minutes flat! Drippy egg, smashed avocado and sweet (yet sugar free) raspberry jam! Napkin at the ready… So those burger buns..yep they double up as an amazing base for the ultimate breakfast sandwich!  My go to breakfast […]

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Chocolate for Breakfast


Chocolate Chia Pudding…the smooth version that doesn’t require a high speed blender. Creamy, rich, chocolate pudding that’s good enough for breakfast yet decadent enough to serve up for dessert. More chocolate to get ready for Easter?   I gave you a savoury breakfast/brunch option yesterday but this chocolate chia pudding would make for quite the […]

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