Simple Salmon with PB Sauce & Cauli Rice


Not a sponsored post but the recipe will be featured in the Daily Mail in the UK at some point…or so I’m told! Simple and perfectly cooked salmon, no funny “white stuff” on the surface aka albumin, served with a delicious speedy peanut butter sauce atop a mighty bed of completely hassle free cauliflower rice. […]

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My first ever…

[donotprint] Why did no one ever tell me how amazing Avocado’s are? Until recently they weren’t even on my radar; until Sonia over at the Healthy Foodie posted her shrimp, avocado and pink grapefruit. Even though it contained shrimp, the avocado and grapefruit combination instantly intrigued me and created an insatiable urge to taste it! […]

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Leftovers turned pizza

[donotprint] When it comes to shopping day I inevitably end up having a huge bowl of leftover veggies and other random toppings to make room for all the fresh goods in the fridge. Nine times out of ten this ends up being just as described…a big bowl full of veggies with absolutely no effort made […]

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Making the most of a good thing

[donotprint] I’m a firm believer that when you discover something new and wonderful, food related or otherwise you should make hay while the sun shines and use it in every which way imaginable. It will definitely involve a little experimentation and will inevitably, all going well, produce some marvelous outcomes! I love my lentils, in […]

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